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What Is Mattifying Primer

What is mattifying primer? Mattifying primer is a type of face primer that is designed to mattify your skin. It often has a blurring effect to help minimize pores and reduce shine. This is why a mattifying face primer for oily skin is ideal. 

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Primer With A Matte Finish

Just like foundations and other makeup products have a different finish, so does primer. Mattifying primer simply means matte finish. It helps minimize the appearance of scars with a blurring effect. You’ll also have a matte finish for a smooth base. 

Available With Different Bases

Silicone based primers can help fill in an uneven skin texture creating a smooth base for your foundation. Some people wear them alone to simply make their skin smoother. Silicone products can instantly help create kissably soft skin you dreamed of having yesterday. 

However, silicone bases aren’t for everyone. Water based primers are ideal for anyone that has dry skin. Thankfully, you can find mattifying primer available with both a water and a silicone base. 

Be Wary Of Mattifying Primers With Dry Skin

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When you have dry, dull skin, a mattifying primer is not recommended. Your skin doesn’t need a primer that can reduce the level of shine on your face. Instead, it needs a primer and foundation that can increase shine to give you a healthy glow. 

Mattifying Primers Will Work With Every Foundation Finish

While a mattifying primer can make your dull skin look less than flattering, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can easily pair a mattifying primer with a dewy, satin, or luminous foundation finish to restore your healthy glow. 

Mattifying primer works just as every other primer does. You spread a small amount on your face in a thin, even layer. Then, rub it in with your fingers. Afterward, let your primer dry before applying your foundation and other face makeup. To learn more, read Primers for Beginners! 

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