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What Is A Flat Kabuki Brush Used For?

A flat kabuki brush is used to apply powder makeup, such as powder foundation or bronzer, to the face. Although most people use a flat kabuki brush to apply face makeup, you can use it to apply makeup over any large area, such as dusting the bronzer along your chest to give yourself a more contoured look. 

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The Flat Design Ensures Even Application

The flat design of Kabuki brushes is what has made them so popular. When applying foundation with a regular brush, it can be difficult to apply it evenly with a rounded brush because all of the bristles don’t touch your face simultaneously. However, that isn’t a problem with the kabuki brush. 

You Can Use Various Methods Of Application With A Flat Kabuki Brush

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These brushes can be used to apply makeup with almost any application method. Fan of the whirlwind motion? Your Kabuki brush can handle it with ease. Have sensitive skin? The soft bristles of most kabuki brushes will make the stippling motion feel heavenly. 

Flat kabuki brushes can be used to apply makeup using a stippling motion or a swiping motion. Rounded brushes are often best used with a swiping motion because of their shape. The versatility of the flat kabuki brush is one of the reasons that it is so popular!

Can You Use Kabuki Brushes For Liquid Makeup?

While most people use flat Kabuki brushes for powder formulas, they tend to work exceptionally well with liquid and cream products as well. Simply use them as you would other brushes to apply flawless liquid foundation evenly over top of your skin. 

Flat Kabuki brushes were meant to be used with powder foundation. However, they can be used with any powder makeup or liquid makeup that you want to apply over a large area. Kabuki brushes are so versatile that you can use them for almost anything!

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