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Choosing Eyeshadow For Your Skin Tone

When you choose to wear makeup, it’s important that you keep your skin tone in mind. You don’t want your makeup to look bad with your skin tone, including your eyeshadow. These tips will help you look flawless no matter what your skin tone is. They’re perfect for choosing eyeshadow for your skin tone!

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Soft Colors Are Perfect For Fair Skin

If you have fair skin and want a flawless look, opt for gorgeous, soft colors. Avoid grey and colors that are too dark. Instead, opt for pinks, greens, and warm shades that will pair well with your fair skin. 

Contour With A Few Shades Darker

If you’re contouring your eyes, make sure that the makeup is a few shades darker than your natural skin tone. Avoid going too dark or your makeup will overshadow the rest of your beautiful face! If you go too light, however, you won’t pull off the contouring effect that you want. Only go 2-3 shades darker than your natural skin tone when you want your eyeshadow to have a contouring effect. 

Avoid Ashy Colors With Dark Skin

Ashy colors don’t pair well with dark skin. Instead, you want pigmented colors that are a few shades darker than the skin. If the makeup is lighter, it can blend in and become invisible, just as it can with fair skin. White and light colors can only be used in certain formulas, such as liquid eye paint or eyeliner. Avoid lighter colors in powder formulas. 

Those with a darker complexion will find that they can pull off deeply pigmented jewel colors, such as maroon and sapphire blue, that individuals with fair skin can’t always pull off. Pair them with a beautiful metallic eyeliner for a look that is bursting with both color and personality. 

Medium And Dark Colors Work Well With Medium Skin

Pairing your makeup with your skin tone is as easy as considering what your skin tone is. Just like light colors pair well with a light skin tone, medium colors of makeup pair well with individuals with a medium skin tone. Medium browns and greens are a great idea. Some people with a medium skin tone can pull off rich jewel colors, too! Take the time to play with your makeup to determine which colors work best with your skin tone. 

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