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Benefits Of Lip Crayons

Lip crayons are exactly what they sound like. It is a lipstick that is shaped like a giant crayon. To use a lip crayon, you simply color your lips. Lip crayons have quite a few benefits that you’re going to love. Thanks to the benefits of lip crayons, these definitely deserve a place on your vanity. 

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Lip Liner And Lipstick In One

Lip crayons are easier to apply than using lip liner and lipstick. Use the point of the lip crayon to line your lips, and then color them in. It’s more efficient, making this a perfect product for moms that need a five-minute mom makeup routine. You’ll also save money by only purchasing one product and save some room in your makeup bag. The precision and convenience that lip crayons offer because they are also lip liners is something that lipsticks cannot compare to. 

Pigmented Colors

Lip crayons are outshining a lot of lipsticks when it comes to pigmentation. These offer a serious color payoff that some of your favorite lipsticks cannot compare to. 

One Of The Main Benefits Of Lip Crayons Is Hydration

Today’s makeup is packed with ingredients that are good for you, including lip crayons. They often feature ingredients like coconut oil to help keep your lips both hydrated and smooth, even during harsh winter months. This can have an anti-aging impact too. 

Lip Crayons Stain The Lips

After using a lip crayon, you’ll quickly realize that they have a wonderful color payoff. Because they leave a bit of color on the lips, you won’t have to reapply your lip color as often. You also won’t have patches of color fading away that leave your lips looking less than desirable. 


Want a chic ombre look? Dying to try out the latest TikTok trends in lip color? You can do all of that easily with lip crayons. They don’t dry quickly like lip paints and are more pigmented than lipsticks, giving you the perfect formula for all of the blending that you need to complete that killer lip look. 

Smooth Application

Not only is applying lip color with a crayon more precise, lip crayons simply glide across your lips. They are so smooth and precise that you can’t help but fall in love with them. No other lip makeup can glide on quite like a crayon can. 

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