Haus Labs Risque Brow And Lash

Haus Labs Risque Brow And Lash

Haus Labs, a makeup brand created by Lady Gaga, has the same wow factor that the artist herself does. Every product is perfectly designed to help give you the pop of personality that you want your makeup look to have. The Haus Labs Risque Brow and Lash topper adds a stunning sparkle to your lookup for the perfect glam look. Read on to learn all the pros and cons to decide if this lash and brow topper will help you up your makeup game.

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How To Use Brow Topper From Haus Laboratories

This brow and lash topper comes with a mascara like wand for easy application. Start at the root of your eyelashes and use the wand as you would a mascara to add a touch of sparkle. When using the Haus Labs Risque Brow and Lash Topper on your brows, simply slide the wand across your brows as you would a brow gel.

Haus Laboratories Brow And Lash Topper Pros Vs. Cons



One of the huge perks of this brow and lash product is that it is amazingly affordable. At under $10, anyone can pick one up to see if they like it. It won’t break the bank if you don’t like it!

Black Tint

This product is tinted so that it will look amazing on your lashes. Use it on top of mascara for a slightly darker color or all by itself to skip mascara in your routine!

Not Too Sparkly

When I first applied this brow topper, I didn’t notice the glitter. However, once you’re in the light, there is a subtle hint of glitter that you’ll love! It’s perfect if you don’t want to go all out with glitter but want to add a pop of personality to your look.

Works As A Brow Gel

I have bushy and occasionally unruly brows. It’s a task to find a product that keeps every unruly brow hair in place until I take my makeup off at night. Haus Labs Brow and Lash Topper can be applied as an all in one product, and keep your look in place. It easily competes with some of my higher end brow products in the brow gel department.

Haus Labs Brow And Lash Topper Is Buildable

If you want a darker color, more coverage, or dramatic sparkles, you can achieve it with this product. Apply a few coats of this product, or use it on top of other products. It’s so buildable that you won’t have to worry about it flaking away later.

Doesn’t Smear

The tint on the brow product instantly makes you wonder if it’s still going to look great in eight hours. Yes, it will. It sticks to your brows, lashes, or skin like glue until you wash it off. I have worn it for over twelve hours with zero problems.


Doesn’t Work Well With Light Colored Eyebrows

I have almost black brow hair, so this tint worked out well. However, if you have light colored brows, the black tint will not blend well with your natural brow color. Instead, check out ABH DipBrow Gel for a natural brow look.

Requires A Light Hand

If you’re new to the world of brow and lash products, there is a tiny bit of a learning curve. Using a light hand will guarantee that you apply the perfect amount of product to your brows and lashes. Newbies that accidentally apply too much will notice that it’s too pigmented, and you may wind up with more sparkle than you bargained for.

Haus Labs Risque Brow And Lash Is Not A Mascara

Because this product from Haus Laboratories can be used on your lashes, there are plenty of people that think it works like a mascara, but it simply does not. Do not expect this product to give your lashes volume or length. For an amazing look, check out this mascara. Then, use the Haus Labs Brow and Lash Topper on top of it!

Haus Labs Risque Brow And Lash Topper Is Not A Brow Filler

Another misconception is that this product is a brow filler because it is tinted. However, it simply doesn’t work as a brow filler. Instead, check out this brow filler and use your Haus Labs product on top of it as a brow gel!


Is Haus Laboratories vegan?

Yes! Haus Laboratories states that all of its products are vegan, meaning that they do not contain any animal derived ingredients or by products of these ingredients.

Is Haus Labs cruelty free?

Haus Laboratories has stated that they are cruelty free. They do not test any of their products or ingredients on animals, and they are not sold where animal testing is required by law. However, they are not certified by any cruelty free organizations.

Who owns Haus Laboratories?

Haus Laboratories is best known for being the baby of Lady Gaga, the founder of the best-selling makeup brand. Although she is the brand’s founder, the company’s CEO is Ben Jones. Jones is also the co-founder of the makeup brand.

Where is Haus Laboratories made?

Products from Haus Laboratories are made worldwide, with some clearly stating on the packaging that they were made in the USA, Germany, and various other countries.

Should You Buy Haus Labs Risque Brow And Lash?


Haus Labs

This product from Haus Labs is definitely worth the low price! It is great for anyone that wears brow gel as a part of their daily routine or that wants to add a touch of shimmer to their look. If you’re looking for a product that adds more sparkle to your brows and lashes, check out this product for a show stopping look!

Not quite what you’re looking for? Check out this awesome brow product from Anastasia Beverly Hills as an alternative option.

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