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How Long Do Makeup Brushes Last

Depending on the bristles and how well you take care of your makeup brushes, they will last between one and five years. This is such a large variance that it’s important to keep a few things in mind to figure out how long do makeup brushes last. 

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Pay Attention To The Bristles

The bristles of your brushes will tell you a lot about how long your brushes are going to last. When makeup brushes are getting towards the end of their lifespan, you’ll notice that they feel rough on your skin instead of soft like they did when they were new. Older makeup brushes that need to be replaced will not have flexible bristles, either. If they are, you can tell that they are not as flexible as they once were. 

They Don’t Clean Easily

When your makeup brushes need to be replaced, you’ll find it harder to keep them clean. Even after your clean them, you might find that they still look stained and feel as though makeup is still on the bristles. This is especially true with brushes with synthetic bristles. 

Synthetic Bristles Do Not Last As Long

If your brush has synthetic bristles, it’s not going to last as long as a brush that has natural bristles. Because of that, you can expect your brushes with synthetic bristles to reach the end of their lifespan closer to the 1-2 year mark instead of lasting five years. 

Brushes that need to be replaced will show signs that they will not work well anymore. You’ll see it in the bristles and how they feel. You can judge how long the brush will last based on the type of bristles the brush has. Another key factor in deciding whether it’s time to toss your brush is whether it still applies makeup evenly. Brushes that need to be replaced will do a poor job regarding the application. Read this article to learn more about makeup brushes! 

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