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Summer Makeup Colors

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As the nights warm up and the sunsets become more beautiful than ever before, it’s time for your makeup game to match the beauty that surrounds you! These summer makeup colors definitely deserve a spot on your vanity this year! Some are classics that we see every year, and a few are new color palettes that you will simply fall in love with!

Hot Pink

Your makeup colors are the perfect way to give a pop of color to your dewy skin this summer. As the sun sets behind the clouds, keep the night alive with bright colors like hot pink!

However, you have to be careful with this color. There is obviously a place and perfect time for it, so don’t wear hot pink makeup if you’re unsure if it’s appropriate.

It’s also important to keep your skin tone in mind when choosing your makeup. If you wear bright eye makeup, lipstick, highlighter, etc., you’re going to look like a makeup palette exploded on your face. Instead, stick with eyes or lips for bright colors, especially if you’re fair-skinned.


Purple is one of those makeup colors that we tend to see in every season. As summer hits, you’ll slowly see the cool lilac colors of Spring give away to the magenta purples of a beachy sunset.

You can use colorful eyeliner to add a bit of color to any outfit. Check out the latest eyeliner trends, or stick with a classic cat eye. You can never go wrong with purple eyeliner!


Nothing says summer quite like teal. Throw the latest makeup trend and eyeliner trends out of the window in favor of this classic summer color.

Pair teal with brighter colors for a burst of color, or opt for metallic eyeliners for a mermaid color scheme. This shade of blue green is perfect for you if you love the bold colors of summer!

Pale Pinks

Pale pinks originally started out as a makeup trend, but they are here to stay. It doesn’t matter what your skin tone is, you can make pale pink work for you.

Opt for pale pink as a cheek color if you have fair skin. Use it as an eye color for a soft, natural approach. Lip colors in this shade range are always beautiful and can be used in any color combination.

This sheer color looks exceptional when paired with fair skin tones. It gives the appearance of natural skin. Those with deeper skin tones might have difficulty getting this light color to show up.


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Yelllow is perfect for adding pops of color to any look! Swipe a single yellow shade across your lids for an instant fashion statement. Pick up yellow eyeliner for a graphic eyeliner look that will make everyone in the room envious! Yellow pairs well with any skin tone, too!


Green is a bold eyeshadow shade that everyone loves! It’s so neutral that you can use it as easily as you would nude shades of eyeshadow. Opt for vibrant shades of green to add more energy to your outfit. Pick up neon shades of green eyeliner to use your makeup as a fashion statement.


Orange is a color that many people are shy about, but there’s no reason to be! Oranges and corals are beautiful, especially when paired with light blue eyes. The classic color contrast creates a summer makeup look that is as beautiful as the sunset over the ocean.

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