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How To Prevent Makeup From Melting In Hot Weather

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As the temperatures rise, you can’t help but notice that your makeup is simply not lasting for those 16-hour days like it used to. Instead of looking in the mirror only to discover that you have a bad case of raccoon eyes, try these awesome tips to prevent makeup from sweating off.

Blotting Papers

Pick up a pack of blotting papers and toss them in your purse. When you feel yourself starting to sweat, carefully blot your face. Make sure to use a light hand to avoid blotting away makeup. This will ensure the sweat doesn’t sit on your face and slowly make your makeup melt off.

Pick The Right Primer

All primers are not created equally. Super hydrating primers that are designed for dry skin are great, but they do little to help in the heat. Instead, pick up a silicone-based primer to help create a barrier between your skin and your makeup. This will give your makeup superior staying power.

Don’t forget that you’ll also need to use eye and lip primer!

Up Your Makeup Game

If you’re still using the same makeup that you use during the winter months, that might be your problem. During the hot, humid months of summer, you want makeup that is designed to last all day. It might not last the advertised 24 hours that it’s supposed to, but it will last longer than regular makeup.

Consider picking up some waterproof makeup if you’re going to be outside and sweating it up all day. The waterproof makeup will be able to handle a little bit of sweat without smearing across your face.

Use Fewer Layers

When you wear several layers of makeup, it’s easier for makeup to crack and start to melt down your face. Instead, wear thin makeup that is designed to be lightweight. Use the least amount of layers possible.

In Conclusion

When you follow these simple tips, you’ll find that your makeup lasts all day, even when you’re outside most of the day. Don’t forget to check out this article to learn more about setting spray!

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