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Sweat Proof Makeup Hacks

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We all love to get outside as soon as the weather warms up, but our makeup can’t always hold up to heat, and the sweat that comes with it. If you’re tired of your makeup running down your face as soon as you break a sweat, these sweat proof makeup hacks are for you!

Use Powder Products If You Can

Powder products are designed to be absorbent. That’s why they are typically recommended for people with oily skin. As you sweat, the powder on your face will absorb your sweat. Give powder concealer, foundation, and setting powder a try instead of sticking to liquid makeup.

Set Your Foundation And Concealer

Most of the time, you’ll hear that you should set your makeup at the end. However, if you want your makeup to be sweat proof, you want to set your makeup in the middle too. After applying foundation and concealer, give yourself a light dusting of setting powder. Then, apply the rest of your makeup. Finish your routine with another light dusting of setting powder or some setting spray.

Waterproof Makeup Is Your BFF

If you’re prone to sweating it up all summer, pick up some waterproof makeup. Waterproof makeup is designed to last through a downpour, even when it’s a downpour of your sweat.

After you buy new waterproof makeup, make sure that you test it out. Apply your new eyeliner, and then go for a run. Then, check out how well it’s holding up in the mirror when you get home. It’s much better to test out your makeup in advance so you don’t discover that it’s smearing across your face when you’re out with friends.

Blend, And Then Blend Some More

As a general rule of thumb, the better that you blend your makeup, the better it will stay. Make sure that you’re taking your time to blend all of your makeup into your skin. If you’re pressed for time, pick up a beauty blender!


It’s a myth that every girl from the ’90s knows all too well: you shouldn’t moisturize when you’re going to sweat or if you have oily skin. Now, we know that’s not true. Dry and dehydrated skin will produce more oil! Make sure that you moisturize your skin, even during the hot, humid months of summer.

In Conclusion

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As soon as summer hits, your entire makeup game needs to change. Swap out your Spring makeup for your waterproof collection, spend extra time blending, and don’t forget to set your makeup twice! Check out this article to learn more about setting spray!

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