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What Is A Dewy Stick

Ciate London made a splash in the makeup world when they released their dewy stix. While some people were thrilled with the release, it left others wondering what is a dewy stick? If you fall into the latter group, this article is for you.

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Dewy Stix Are Like Highlighter

Dewy stix is a balm that is supposed to go on in the place of a highlighter. They give you a luminous, or dewy, glow that looks like it is coming from within.

You can find these highlighter balms in various colors, just like you can highlighter. Enjoy a translucent dewy stick for a natural finish, or opt for a pink one to add a splash of color.

Glitter And Shimmer Makeup Available

Just like with any type of makeup, you can find various finishes available. Some of these makeup products are designed to look more natural and have a sheer finish. Others are designed to get you noticed as soon as you walk through the door with an abundance of shimmer and sparkles.

Apply Dewy Stix When You Would Apply Highlighter

During your makeup routine, your dewy stick simply takes the place of your highlighter. These sticks are designed to be worn alone or on top of makeup and should be worn instead of wearing a highlighter. Avoid using both a highlighter and a dewy stick. The combination of the two will be a bit too luminous.

You Cannot Apply It Under Foundation

While you can apply a highlighter under your foundation for a subtle dewy look, that isn’t going to work with dewy stix. Once you apply your foundation, you can’t tell that you’re wearing anything else. The luminous glow simply disappears. Instead, wear it alone or on top of the foundation.

Dewy Stix Make Great Body Highlighters

To use these products as body highlighters, simply apply them to your collar bones for a natural glow. You can also apply it to your decolletage area for some additional shimmer that looks natural.

Dewy sticks are also commonly called highlighter balms. They are designed to work like highlighters to give you a radiant glow that appears natural. To learn more about highlighters, check out this article! 

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