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7 Vanity Essentials

We all know the basic things that every vanity needs. For example, you need comfy seating and a few pretty things, such as plants. However, there are quite a few vanity essentials that everyone seems to forget initially. Make sure that you don’t start using your vanity until you have these! 

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Makeup Remover

Makeup remover is a must-have. There are quite a few options on the market. Makeup remover wipes are convenient but aren’t the most sustainable item. Micellar water and a makeup eraser that can be washed are your most sustainable options. Whichever one you choose, make sure to have it handy to erase mistakes. 

Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs, or Q-tips, are another vanity essential that you don’t want to forget about. These are perfect for transforming jagged liquid eyeliner lines into smooth, flawless lines across your lid. You can also use them to clean up lipstick smudges and small mistakes. Simply dab your cotton swab in liquid makeup remover, and use it as you normally would!

A Magnifying Mirror

A magnifying mirror is a must-have! These are ideal for detailed looks and for anyone that has vision problems. If you have poor eyesight, check out the Hibella Glam makeup mirror. It’s the one I use, and I can barely identify the big E on the eye chart without my glasses. 

Makeup Organizers

As you dive deeper into the wonderful world of makeup, you will accumulate quite a collection. Pick up a few makeup organizers to ensure that you can keep your makeup organized as you purchase it. 

A Bowl

You can use a bowl for quite a few things! Use it for water to get your beauty blender damp if your vanity is in your room. It can be used to organize eyeshadow singles and other small things. If you don’t have a trashcan nearby, simply toss used cotton swabs and makeup remover wipes in it until after you’re done with your makeup!

A Basket For Dirty Makeup Brushes

brown makeup brushes in clear glass mason jar

Makeup brushes need to be cleaned after every use. Instead of putting dirty makeup brushes next to clean ones, which can result in bacteria spreading, pick up a small plastic basket for them. Then, clean every brush in the basket weekly. 

A Beauty Blender Holder

Beauty blenders are notorious for taking longer to dry than other makeup brushes. Pick up a beauty blender holder to make sure that yours has plenty of time to air dry. It can wind up crammed in between makeup brushes if you don’t. This eliminates the airflow that beauty blenders need to air dry properly. 

In Conclusion

These are just a few of the vanity essentials that you might forget. For more awesome tips, check out how to create a DIY vanity. 

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