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Gifts For Makeup Lovers

If you have a makeup lover in your family or are friends with one, it can be hard finding the perfect gift to get them. Stay away from products like foundation and concealer. You need to know the exact shade for those, and makeup lovers can be a bit finicky about the brand. Instead, check out these gifts for makeup lovers! They’re versatile enough that every makeup lover will love them!

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ELF Poreless Putty Primer ($10)

elf poreless putty primer review

ELF Poreless Putty Primer is one of the most popular primers on the market. ELF offers high quality makeup at drugstore brand prices, making the brand, and their Poreless Putty Primer, a favorite for everyone. This putty primer has won beauty awards from Allure, been a TikTok sensation, and continues to sell out!

You can pick it up here!

Beauty Blenders (Price Varies)

Every makeup lover needs beauty blenders. These are used to blend out makeup for a flawless finish. If you’re not a makeup lover, this is a full-proof gift idea! You can pick up beauty blenders at any drugstore, dollar store, or your favorite department store. However, keep in mind that some cheap beauty blenders tend to fall apart sooner than high-quality beauty blenders.

You can find awesome beauty blenders here!

Makeup Brushes (Price Varies)

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Just like every makeup lover needs a beauty blender or two, they also need makeup brushes. Makeup brushes need to be cleaned regularly, so anyone doing a glam look every day needs to have a plethora of makeup brushes or they have to clean them daily, which no one is going to do. Makeup brush kits are the perfect gifts for makeup lovers!

Check out these makeup brushes!

NYX Butter Gloss ($5)

If you’re looking for a budget friendly makeup gift, NYX is a great brand to check out. NYX has professional quality makeup at cheap prices. NYX Butter Gloss was a huge TikTok trend, has won beauty awards and remains one of the hottest products.

You can pick it up here!

Dior Lip Oil ($38)

dior addict lip glow oil review

Dior Lip Oil is another product that’s always a great idea. It trends, sells out, falls off, and then starts trending again. This is especially great for a makeup lover that has dry lips. Dior Lip Oil nourishes lips while delivering a beautiful lip tint. It can be worn over lipstick for additional color. (Makeup lovers will adore everything from Dior, too. You can’t lose when giving a makeup lover a gift from this brand!)

You can pick it up here!

Urban Decay Mini Palette ($29)

Urban Decay is an iconic brand that every makeup lover has heard of. They have a huge fan base, so this gift will be an instant hit. Urban Decay mini palettes are available in a variety of shades. They’re more budget friendly than full size palettes, which can cost almost $50-$60.

You can check them out here!

Makeup Remover Wipes (Price Varies)

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Makeup lovers always need makeup remover, and makeup remover wipes. These remove the layers of makeup before cleansing, touch up mistakes and more!

Pick up some amazing makeup remover wipes here!

Benefit BADgal Mascara ($14)

Benefit Cosmetics is another iconic makeup brand that millions love! This mascara is easy to use for beginners. The slim brush is flawless, and delivers an astounding amount of volume! Every makeup lover has at least a few mascaras. BADgal mascara will be the perfect addition to their collection!

You can check it out here!

Everything MAC (Price Varies)

MAC is one of the most well-known names in the industry, making them a great gift idea for makeup lovers! MAC lipsticks are either a staple or your makeup loving friend wants them. Their strobe cream is always in style. The only downside is that MAC can be a bit pricey if you’re shopping on a budget. However, MAC does have a mini collection that is more affordable.

You can check it out here!

In Conclusion

Finding the perfect gifts for makeup lovers can be a challenge if you’re not a makeup lover. However, these gift ideas are your safest ideas, and guaranteed to be a hit!

Still not sure? Check out some blogs and product reviews to discover other great ideas!

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