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We all love beauty products, whether it’s an amazing exfoliator or the perfect eyeshadow. However, there are quite a few things that you’re not going to find at commisary when you’re behind bars, including your favorite red lipstick. That’s where prisoners get creative. Just because you’re locked up doesn’t mean that you have to go all natural. Some of your favorite food products can be used to create the perfect shade of lip color. These tried and true prison makeup hacks are some of the most popular ways that prisoners are getting their glam on. 

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Disclaimer: This information has not been evaluated by the FDA, and I have no idea if it’s safe. Nothing bad happened to me when I tried some of them, but that doesn’t mean these methods are safe. For example, I don’t know if the colored lead in colored pencils is safe for your eye area. Keep that in mind before you try any of these! This is for entertainment purposes only. 

Jolly Ranchers For Hair Gel

If you have a few hairs always going astray, a Jolly Rancher and a bit of lotion can solve your problem. Soak a Jolly Rancher in a cup of hot water to use this prison makeup hack. Then, apply the mixture to a dab of body lotion like you would hair gel. 

Candy For Eyeshadow

You don’t need your favorite eyeshadow palette to enjoy a pop of color on your eyelids. Instead, suck on a piece of candy with a colorful candy coating, such as M&M, for a few seconds. Then, color in your eyelids. I tried this with Skittles, and it still works!

Crush Colored Pencils For Eyeshadow

Sucking on colorful candy isn’t the only prison makeup hack to create eyeshadow. You can crush the colorful lead inside, add it to some baby powder, and apply it as pigments!

Create Coffee With Foundation

To create your foundation, mix coffee with lotion. For less pigment, use less coffee. However, if you have a deeper skin tone, you must use more coffee. 

Coffee can also be a bronzer for the right shade or eyeshadow. 

Use A Pencil For Eyeliner

Using pencils for eyeliner is a common trick. However, beware that this can dry out your eyes. To use this trick, try getting your pencils wet first. Keep in mind that this hack is known for irritating. However, this is not your only option. For black eyeliner, try a black Sharpie instead. 

Eminems For Lip Color

If you want to add a pop of color to your lips, color-coated candy will help you. Suck on an M&M or a jawbreaker, and wipe the color across your pout for instant lipstick. 

Pick Up Fruit Punch Powder For Hair Dye

You don’t need a salon to get some color on your strands. Just grab some powdered drink mix, and mix it with water. Leave it on your hair for 15-20 minutes, then rinse it. You can use this powder for lipstick too! It’s all about being resourceful with what you have!

Use Vinegar For Toner

Vinegar is a great beauty product if you’re working on a budget or behind bars. Apple cider vinegar baths can help create an even skin tone over time, but it’s usually too harsh to use on your face. Make sure that you dilute it with water. For example, one cup of ACV for an entire bathtub. For a facial toner, use a cotton ball and some white vinegar. 

Baby Powder Makes A Great Base

If you need a powder base, pick up some baby powder. You can mix other colored things, like colored pencils, to create the perfect eyeshadow. Using the pigments on newspapers with a combination of baby powder can create several makeup products, including blush and bronzer. 

Cornstarch For Dry Shampoo

Commissary is getting a bit more inclusive in some areas and may include things like mascara, but it can be hard to come by dry shampoo. A few sprinkles of cornstarch will soak up any grease on your hair. Ensure you don’t use too much, or your hair will look bad! You want to use a few sprinkles at a time to create the perfect balance. 

Vaseline Is A Multi-Purpose Product

Vaseline, and other brands of petroleum jelly, can be used for quite a few things. Mix Vaseline with some glitter for a sheer glitter eyeshadow or sheer highlighter. Spread it across your lips to prevent chapped lips, or use it on dry skin to soothe chapped skin. It is an excellent cream base to craft highlighters, blushes, or DIY lip gloss. 

An easy trick to create your lipstick is to pick up some non-toxic crayons and head to the microwave. Melt the crayons (without the paper), and then mix them with the Vaseline for DIY lipstick!

Sharpies For Nail Polish

Some inmates get crafty with things like floor sealer to create nail polish. However, the chemicals can be dangerous. Other people opt for the elementary school trick of coloring them in with Sharpies. It’ll give your nails color and isn’t a huge hazard. 

Aspirin For An Acne Treatment

This budget-friendly beauty hack is safe and an excellent idea for those needing cheap alternatives. Aspirin has acetylsalicylic acid, which can help treat acne. Crush up some aspirin, and mix it with water to form a paste. Apply the paste to target spots, let it sit for 10-20 minutes, and rinse it off. 

Lemon Juice Highlights

Lemon juice acts as a natural lightener but is not so powerful that it will bleach your hair. Put lemon juice in your hair in streaks to create natural-looking highlights. If you can, make sure you get some sun at the same time to amplify the effect. 

Do Your Hair Before Bed

You don’t need the best curling iron to make waves. Instead, braid your hair before bed to get effortless waves in the morning. If you want tighter curls, wrap your hair around the fabric before getting some shut-eye. Behind bars,  female inmates use ripped-up sheets to do this. 

A Toothbrush Spoolie

Granted, a toothbrush isn’t the same as a spoolie, but when you have nothing else, this will get the job done. Use a toothbrush and a dab of Vaseline to smooth down your brows or give your lashes an instant boost. 

Final Thoughts

Prison makeup hacks are quickly becoming more well-known as YouTube stars share what they did behind bars, series like OITNB remain popular, and people are merely fascinated with the creativity behind these genius ideas. However, let’s not forget the beautiful souls behind these creative beauty hacks. For more fun information, beauty trends, and more, check out the rest of the site!

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