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Is Powder Foundation Better For Summer?

As the hot summer months approach, you can’t help but wonder what changes you need to make to your makeup game. Is your liquid foundation still going to cut it? You needed it for your dry skin during the harsh winter months, but those months, and the irritated dry skin, are already gone. If you have oily skin, will a liquid foundation make your skin look too oily? As you upgrade your foundation to match your tanned summer skin tone, it’s important to know what you need to get through hot, humid weather, including whether powder foundation is better for summer or if liquid will suffice.

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Should You Only Wear Powder Foundation For Summer?

As a general rule of thumb, powder foundation is better for summer than liquid.  You can find powder foundations with medium coverage and a natural finish. Or, you can opt for loose powders that provide a luminous finish. Powder formulas tend to absorb oil and sweat better than liquid foundations. They also hold up better than cream and liquid foundations in heat and humidity. However, there are several things that you need to keep in mind before picking up a new pressed powder compact. In really hot, humid weather, lightweight foundations with a gel-like consistency may be your best bet. 

Consider Your Skin Type

Your skin type will help determine the foundation you use this summer. Although you can find formulations for everything, such as the liquid foundation for oily skin and hydrating powder foundation, liquid foundations tend to be more hydrating than their dry counterparts. If you have seriously oily skin or combination skin, a dry mineral foundation may be best. 

What Foundation Do You Normally Use?

When determining is powder foundation better for summer, it’s essential to consider what foundation you typically use. If you’ve discovered that liquid foundations are your best friend for covering dark spots, use them as a spot treatment during hot weather. Anyone who thinks pressed powders are their go-to can still use them, but remember that you want to use a light layer during the summer months. 

How Long-Lasting Do You Need Your Makeup To Stay Put

Liquid and gel-like foundations are known for being more long-lasting than pressed powder foundations, including in hot weather. That’s why most people include these in their summer makeup hauls. 

Powder Foundation Can Get Muddy If You Sweat A Lot

One of the major downsides to wearing a powder foundation during summer is that it absorbs oil and sweat. This won’t be a big deal if you’re rushing out the door for a few hours in mild weather. However, if you sweat a lot throughout the day, your makeup will clump and look muddy as the day progresses. In this situation, powder formulas are not best for summer. 

Go With Matte Foundation

Although you can enjoy a luminous foundation during hot months, it’s best to stick with a matte formula. Your dewy foundation will be too dewy as you sweat, making your face look oily. Starting with a matte foundation will give you the dewy look you want as the day progresses. 

Try Makeup Drops

Makeup drops are another great option, especially for liquid lovers. These drops give you more control over the coverage, ensuring you can go lightweight all summer long while concealing problem areas. Makeup drops are notorious for feeling more lightweight on the skin. 

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Invest In Sweat-Proof Formulas

Makeup brands step up formulating products during the summer months. Foundations are specially curated to stay put while you enjoy a day in the sun. Anyone concerned about their foundation not staying in place should invest in a long-lasting formula that is sweatproof and advertised as holding up in hot, humid weather. For a heat-proof foundation, check out Giorgio Armani Power Fabric + Long-Lasting Foundation.

Tips For Applying And Wearing Foundation In Summer

Regardless of the formula you choose, there are several things that you need to know regarding wearing foundation during the summer. For example, what do you do when you start to sweat? We’ve got all the answers you’ve been looking for. 

Use Blotting Papers For Sweat

Powder foundation lovers instantly want to break out of their compact when their skin sweats. While the excess powder will absorb oil, this method results in too much makeup on your face, eventually clumping. Instead, pick up a pack of blotting papers to take with you. As you sweat, blot at your face so the paper can absorb excess oil. 

People who cannot resist the urge to powder their oily T-zone during hot summer can still do so, but use blotting papers first. These will pick up excess oil on your face to ensure that your powder doesn’t look cakey and will help your makeup last longer. 

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Use It As A Spot Treatment

The more makeup you apply during summer, the more your face will sweat. This is especially true for anyone wearing a full-coverage foundation or having oily skin. The coverage is so heavy that your face can’t breathe. It can lead to a mirage of problems as the day progresses. Instead, try using your foundation as a spot treatment. Put heavier coverage in areas where you need it, then blend it with a makeup sponge to provide light coverage in other areas. This will ensure that you aren’t wearing heavy makeup on your entire face, but you’ll still look flawless. 

Try A Makeup Sponge

Makeup sponges tend to absorb more products than makeup brushes, which is a great thing. It means the excess foundation on your face will likely be absorbed by the sponge instead of sitting on top of the skin. Less is more when it comes to makeup. 

Don’t Forget Primer

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a liquid formula or powder products, primer is a makeup must-have if you want your makeup to last. Use a primer designed for your skin type that is long-lasting and lightweight. Remember, you don’t want your makeup to feel too heavy during the hot summer. 

Set It With Powder

A finishing powder that is mattifying is ideal for the summer months. These setting powders will instantly mattify your makeup, help it last longer, and make it less likely to transfer. 

Skin Prep Is Half The Battle

Properly preparing your skin is vital to helping your makeup survive the summer heat. Primer is essential, but so is a beautiful skincare routine. Before applying makeup, cleanse your face and apply light layers of skincare products. Allow skincare products to dry completely before makeup application. Finally, don’t forget your sunscreen. Makeup products do not always protect your skin from harsh UV rays. Alongside sunscreen, consider investing in products that contain SPF.

Keep It Light

Light layers are your best friend during the summer months. Thick, heavy layers of foundation and face makeup ensure your skin can’t breathe, making you sweat more. Then, your makeup turns into a goopy mess that slides off your face. Instead, use light layers of everything, including your final setting powder. 

Bake Your Face

Baking is a technique that involves putting a tiny bit of extra powder on your face. You don’t want to use so much powder that it’s a heavy layer. Instead, use some extra powder during baking and dust the excess powder off with a fluffy brush. 

Thin Out Foundation

If you don’t have a foundation handy that is thin enough for summer, add a few drops of moisturizer to your foundation. This will instantly make your foundation thinner and help you prepare for summer without breaking the bank. 

Final Thoughts

Is powder foundation better for summer? It’s still considered a general rule of thumb that powder foundations hold up better than liquid and cream foundations. However, the real secret lies in how you apply it. Thick layers of powder products will wind up cakey just like thick, heavy foundations will slide off. Instead, use light layers to focus on the right formula for your skin. Then, use makeup tips and tricks to help you look flawless all day. 

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