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Setting Powder Before Foundation

One thing that social media platforms like TikTok have brought us is TikTok makeup hacks. Some, such as applying foundation with a jade roller, have not worked out so well for everyone. However, some, such as applying setting powder before foundation, have become a holy grail in most people’s makeup routines. What’s the deal with applying translucent powders before foundation, though? Does it do anything? Let’s find out!

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Why Are People Applying Setting Powder Before Foundation

Translucent powders help you become more transfer-resistant, and a loose powder will help set your makeup, so your look lasts all day. Why are people applying setting powder before foundation if that’s the case? It turns out there are several benefits to this TikTok makeup hack. For example, it’ll help your liquid foundation last longer. 

Benefits Of Setting Powder Before Foundation

Applying loose powder before the rest of your makeup can help your makeup last longer. You’ll get several benefits from the light dusting of loose powder. Once you start switching up the order you apply makeup, you’ll never want to go back. 

Works Great For Oily Skin

This is a tried and true trick for everyone with oily skin, especially during hot weather. That’s because the thin layer of powder helps give your skin a more matte finish, a must-have for an oily skin type. The powder can help absorb excess oil, ensuring your makeup lasts longer and you don’t have a midday shine. 

While most people recommend this application method for oily skin, anyone with dry skin can do it too. People with dry skin will still enjoy the benefits of applying loose-setting powders before foundation. 

Fewer Touchups

A light dusting of setting powder with a fluffy brush provides a smooth, even canvas for makeup to cling to. Thanks to a few swipes with a powder brush, you’ll not touch up your makeup every few hours. 

Powder Helps Fill In Pores

People with enlarged pores will love this TikTok makeup hack. The extra layer of powder helps fill in pores, ensuring that foundation doesn’t magnify them as the day progresses. 

Better Coverage For Foundation

Because this layer of powder helps fill in pores and provide a smooth canvas, your foundation will provide better coverage. Setting powders that help neutralize an uneven skin tone, such as banana setting powder, ensures you don’t need as much foundation to get the desired effect. 

Makes Face Products Look More Pigmented

Setting powder will help your makeup look more pigmented, just like a white shadow crayon makes eyeshadow more vibrant. This can be a good or bad thing, though. When your makeup is already vibrant, it may be best not to make it more pigmented. 

Only Use A Light Dusting

When using this TikTok makeup hack, it’s essential to remember that less is more. Lightly sweep the powder across your face just as you would at the end of the makeup routine. Then, use a clean brush to remove excess powder. 

How To Apply Powder Before Foundation

Applying setting powder before foundation no doubt has it’s benefits. Follow this process to ensure that you get the best results. 

Skincare First

Skincare is a critical step in every makeup routine. The proper skincare products can ensure that your foundation lasts longer because you have clean skin. Your skincare routine can promote an even texture, smaller pores, and help reduce inflammation. Every beauty guru knows that the secret to flawless foundation begins with skincare. 

Do You Need Primer?

Yes, you still need a primer. After completing your skincare routine, apply a primer as you usually would. Then, after the primer dries, apply the powder. However, some people swear that using powder eliminates the need for primer, and they do have excellent results. 

Light Dusting Of Setting Powder

After priming your face, apply a light dusting of powder. Remember, less is more. Applying too much powder will get cakey as the day goes on, and it absorbs more oil. 

Wipe Away Excess Powder

Brushing off extra powder is necessary. This step ensures that you do not accidentally wind up with too much powder on your face, which will make your makeup cake as the day progresses. 

Apply Makeup As You Normally Would

After you apply the layer of powder, follow the same makeup application process you normally follow. This can include foundation, concealer, bronzing powder, or just a few dabs of concealer. Apply eye makeup, lipstick, etc. 

Set Your Makeup

Finally, set your makeup. Setting your makeup involves setting spray or another layer of powder after the foundation. After you’re done, ensure that you dust off excess powder if you apply another layer of powder. This is an important step to complete every time you apply setting powder to your face. It guarantees a flawless finish. 

Awesome Setting Powders

Dermablend Loose Setting Powder ($32)


Dermablend loose setting powder is a luxury powder at an affordable price. It goes on clear, but various shades are available, so anyone with deeper skin tones can find something that complements their skin tone. When used as base makeup, it creates a flawless base, but you can also apply powder after foundation. 

Why You’ll Love It

  • This translucent setting powder absorbs oil
  • It helps make makeup transfer and smudge-resistant
  • It can help makeup last up to 16 hours

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Makeup Revolution Loose Setting Powder ($8)

This loose setting powder provides a longer-lasting finish that looks natural. Use it as a base or to bake on makeup for a smooth finish. When you purchase this loose setting powder from Makeup Revolution, you’ll get an insane amount of powder for a low price. It will easily last you months!

Why You’ll Love It

  • Various shades available, including banana powder
  • Natural finish
  • Great for baking

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Loose Setting Powder By Mineral Fusion ($30)

A loose setting powder by one of your favorite brands of mineral makeup. It’s lightweight, easy to apply and cruelty-free! However, before purchasing this one, it’s important to note that it only comes in a couple of shades. 

Why You’ll Love It

  • Hypoallergenic
  • It helps blur pores, fine lines, and other imperfections
  • Absorbs excess oil

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In Conclusion

TikTok makeup hacks have disappointed us and helped us discover the hottest new trends we never knew existed. Thankfully, setting powder before a foundation is a genius hack for which we can thank the platform instead of another disappointment. Check out the rest of the blog for more tips and tricks!

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