5 Tips For Giving Makeup Gifts

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There’s nothing like opening a present to see a new eyeshadow palette or lip gloss trio! However, if you’re giving makeup as a gift, there are a few things to remember. Use these tips for giving makeup gifts to ensure the recipient is thrilled when they see what you got them.

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1. Avoid Face Makeup

When the holiday season rolls around, you never see holiday gift sets with foundations; there’s a reason for that. The foundation has to be the exact match to look natural and match a person’s undertones. Most makeup lovers are touchy about what brand and level of coverage they wear for foundation, BB cream, and CC cream. It’s best to avoid it altogether.

2. Eyeshadow Palettes

Eyeshadow palettes are always a safe option. Most palettes have multiple options to ensure the recipient has a few shades they love. Neutral tones complement any eye color; you can trust light and dark shades in every palette. You can’t go wrong with this gift.

3. Holiday Themed Makeup

There’s an old saying that you shouldn’t give someone a Christmas-themed gift on Christmas. That’s because most people feel like you should enjoy Christmas-themed items before the season ends, and it’s pretty much over once you want the festivities with family. That doesn’t apply to any holiday-themed makeup, including makeup for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, or any holiday. I promise you that the makeup lover in your life will love it and enjoy using it well after the holiday has passed.

4. What They Wear

Before buying makeup, please pay attention to the products they wear regularly. Do they enjoy statement lipstick colors and can’t leave the house without a bold, black eyeliner? Or do they prefer a more natural look with a hint of lip gloss? Looking at what makeup they wear regularly can help you determine what makeup gift you should buy them.

5. Ask For Advice

If you’re unsure what to buy them and don’t want them to know you’re buying them makeup as a gift, ask for advice. Makeup lovers will happily gush about their favorite brands, personal values, and makeup must-haves for endless hours. You’ll know what they want for Christmas by the end of the conversation and still be able to surprise them.

Buying makeup gifts is always a great idea if you know someone who spends hours in front of the mirror perfecting their makeup looks or getting their wing perfect. These tips for giving makeup as a gift will guarantee they love what you get them. Check out the product reviews to discover the perfect ideas!

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