Are Skincare Fridges Worth It

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Beauty fridges are a mini-fridges intended for beauty products that came into style years ago. The thing with this trend is that it never seemed to stop. Every year new skincare fridges are rolled out. Celebrities are showcasing what skincare products they keep in their skincare fridge, and Instagram will always reveal at least one new snapshot of perfectly arranged eye creams.

It can leave people without one of these fridges instantly wondering if they need one. This article will tell you everything that you need to know about them so that you can make an informed decision and find out are skincare fridges worth it?

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Pros Vs Cons Of Skincare Fridges

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Most of us tend to keep at least one or two skincare products in our regular fridge, anyway. For example, edible masks. You can’t leave out food, or it will spoil. Something is soothing about using jade rollers kept in the fridge, especially on a hot summer day. If you’re considering moving your items from your kitchen to your room, here are the pros and cons of skincare refrigerators that you need to consider.


While these fridges may seem a bit pointless because most of us have a large fridge in our kitchen, there are actually a few great things about them that you’ll want to keep in mind when deciding if you really need a skincare fridge.


There’s something to be said about the convenience of using a skincare fridge compared to a kitchen fridge. Long gone will be the days of going to the kitchen in the middle of your skincare routine to grab a serum or sheet mask. Instead, your refrigerated products will be beside your vanity with your other skincare. It just instantly makes things easier!

Skincare Fridges Help You Keep An Eye On Your Products

If you have a teenage daughter or roommate who simply can’t seem to leave your products alone, a mini-fridge is a necessity. You can pick one up with a lock to ensure that people without the key cannot access your products. These are a great idea if you’re in any shared living situation, whether with kids or in a dorm room.

Ideal For Storing Makeup Next To Your Vanity

Skincare refrigerators are an excellent idea for skincare and facial rollers, but you can also use them for makeup! Store your gel eyeliner in a cooled environment to prevent melting during heatwaves. You can even put nail polish in your fridge to help prevent chipping. Mini-fridges are a great place to store quite a few things on your vanity right now.


While some products cost hundreds of dollars, that isn’t the case for all mini-fridges. You can pick up a mini fridge designed for a six-pack of pop with a removable shelf and make it work. There are fridges designed for skincare that you can pick up for under $50! Check out various websites and shop around. Amazon has some great deals!


While having a fridge for skincare is a great idea, you do have to keep in mind the downsides of having one before you rush to the store to pick up one.

They’re Not Necessary

While these are convenient, they are not necessary. You can easily put skincare in food fridges in most cases. If you have a bedroom next to the kitchen, it will seem rather pointless to have a mini skincare fridge in your room.

They Don’t Really Pro-Long Shelf Life

Unless you live in an area amid a massive heat wave that exposes your skin-care products to high temperatures around the clock, keeping them in the fridge will not prolong their shelf life by much. You do not need cold temperatures to activate ingredients, either.

Skin-care products are designed to have active ingredients when opened and used. They should not be exposed to high temperatures, but moderate temperatures will not hurt them. You’ll be fine storing your products in an excellent, dark location.

Refrigeration Can Actually Be Bad For Serums

Your serum might feel great if you apply it when it’s cold, but if it is too cold, it can ruin your favorite products. Some serums solidify when exposed to cold temperatures. This makes the ingredients ineffective, so the serum will no longer work.

However, you can combat this by ensuring you have your portable fridges for skincare set at an appropriate temperature.

Should You Get One?

Whether or not you pick up a skincare fridge is a personal choice. It’s a great way to keep popular products out of other people’s hands, and you can’t beat the refreshing feeling of a cold jade roller.

If you’re prone to redness and puffiness, these are a great idea. The coldness of your skincare products can help calm your skin. If you find that you’re using cold skincare products every day, a mini fridge for skincare will make your morning and night skincare routines a little bit easier.

What To Put In A Skincare Fridge

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There are quite a few things that you can put in a skincare fridge! First, review your products to ensure you’re not accidentally putting outdated products inside. (This is a great time to clean out your products!)

Mini-fridges are a great idea for your natural products. The cold temperature can help prolong the shelf life of these products because they do not have

You can put these products in your skincare fridge:

  • Eye creams
  • Jade Rollers
  • Sheet Masks
  • Some serums
  • Eye masks
  • Natural products
  • Vitamin C serums
  • Mud masks
  • Cold cream
  • Facial tools
  • Products with water ingredients

Putting your entire skincare collection in your fridge can be tempting, but you don’t want to do that. First, it will take up the entire fridge’s space. Second, you should not store products with a gel or oil base in your fridge. These are best stored elsewhere.

What To Look For In A Skincare Fridge

As soon as you hear that you can store Vitamin C products in colder temperatures or experience how soothing a sheet mask is when applied cold, it can be tempting to rush out to buy the first skincare fridge in a gorgeous pink that you lay your eyes on, but you need to resist the temptation. Instead, carefully consider what you want in a beauty fridge before buying one to ensure that you have one that meets your needs.


The size of your mini fridge is going to be necessary. You want to ensure that you have room for all of your skincare products that you would like refrigerated. You won’t need a large fridge if you plan to put a handful of skincare products inside. However, if your skincare collection is consistently growing, you will need a larger mini-refrigerator.


Before browsing through the best mini fridges for skincare, determine a budget. Then, stick with it. Some fridges are priced higher simply because they are in a pink color! Take your time to find a mini fridge that doesn’t cost more than your budget.

Where You’ll Be Putting Your Mini Fridge

Where your mini-fridge is going to be sitting will determine the largest size you can accommodate. Measure your space carefully to determine what size mini fridge you want to buy.

Available Temperature Setting

Some fridges are designed to simply keep items colder than they used to be via thermo-electric technology. However, that’s not going to work for your skincare. It needs to be between 40 and 50 degrees. Double-check the temperature settings on a fridge before buying it.

Extra Space In The Door

If you love having a cute cubby for everything, check out cosmetics fridges with extra space in the door. These often have a specific location to store your jade roller, etc. It helps your fridge look more organized.

Does It Need To Be Portable

If you plan on taking your little fridge with you on road trips, you’ll need to keep that in mind. They sell small refrigerators with an adaptor plugging into your cigarette lighter. This will also determine the size that you need.

Adjustable Shelf

Always consider a product with an adjustable shelf over one that does not have an adjustable shelf. A removable shelf is another great idea. It’s essential to ensure you can sit up your skincare products properly.

Color And Style

Color and style are also important factors to consider. Do you want a retro-themed mini fridge, or a classic mini fridge in a modern black color? You can find skincare fridges available in every color and style, so think about what you want before shopping.

The Best Skincare Fridges

You can find mini fridges for skincare and makeup in every store imaginable. Even Best Buy jumped on this trend and started selling skincare fridges! These are some of the best ones on the market.

Cooluli Mini Fridge

The Cooluli Mini Fridge is one of the most popular skincare fridges on the market. It features removable shelving in the fridge and the door to ensure you have the perfect spot for all your skincare products. You’ll enjoy having plenty of space in this 7-liter fridge for your skincare products.

This portable beauty fridge is small and capable of chilling to 45 degrees. The Cooluli mini fridge is one of the most affordable products if you want to enjoy the cool feel of cold skincare. This particular Cooluli Mini Fridge is available in both pink and white. Sit it on top of your makeup vanity to enjoy having your skincare products within easy reach! The Cooluli mini fridge is even freon-free!

The Flawless Beauty Fridge

A crisp white color with the word flawless scrawled across the front of the fridge makes this one of our favorites! You’ll get an instant boost to your self-esteem when you remember how flawless you are. It only makes sense that you also need a flawless fridge for makeup and skincare.

Unlike the Cooluli mini fridge, this one has no drawer inside. However, you will appreciate that if you’d rather have more open space in your portable beauty fridge. The lack of cute compartments ensures you’ll have plenty of space for everything in this adorable fridge for makeup. It is almost a foot tall and a little over ten inches deep. There is ample room for a few serums, creams, and face masks. However, this fridge is not ideal for extensive skincare and makeup collections.

Cooluli Large Mini Fridge

If you need something bigger than a 4-liter fridge, consider this gorgeous mini fridge for skincare. It doesn’t offer the cute compartments and storage spaces a 4-liter fridge designed specifically for skincare does. However, that’s one of the best things about this fridge. The open space ensures that you’ll have room for everything you need!

This mini fridge is available in ten-liter and fifteen-liter sizes. You’ll find a wide array of color options too! Most people enjoy the carrying handle that is on top for easy transportation. You can also use this fridge as a warmer if you ever decide you don’t need a skincare fridge anymore! It is versatile, compact, and cute!


Can you put niacinamide in the fridge?

Yes, you can! The cool temperature can help preserve the product so that it lasts a little longer. However, if you have a product that contains niacinamide as an ingredient, it’s important to research other included ingredients.

What temperature should your skincare fridge be?

It’s best to keep the temperature between 40-50 degrees. Skincare products and makeup products should not be exposed to higher temperatures. It can make your products go bad quickly. Your makeup will also melt. However, if they get too cold, skincare products will be ineffective.

Are skincare fridges worth it?

In most cases, they are worth it. However, it also depends on how much you are spending. Would I spend hundreds of dollars on a skincare fridge? Probably not. However, you can find an affordable fridge that gets the job done and is within your budget.

Deciding whether you need a skincare fridge or not is a personal decision. If you’re tired of keeping your skincare in the same fridge as your food, a skincare fridge is definitely for you. Browse through the rest of our blogs to learn more about skincare tips, tricks, and products you need to know!

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