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prevent pimples

18 Tips To Prevent Pimples

The only thing worse than the horrifying itch before a pimple sprouts its ugly head is the next day when you see the giant red zit on your face. Even worse is if it’s in the middle of your forehead or another obvious spot. Learning how to prevent pimples can guarantee that you never have … Continue reading 18 Tips To Prevent Pimples

lip paint

9 Benefits Of Lip Paints

Lip paints made a splash in the cosmetic industry years ago, and they are still a hit. That’s because lip paints offer so many benefits that we didn’t previously get with products like lip gloss. Popular makeup brands like Tarte and Fenty have combined the best of the worlds of lipstick and lip gloss to … Continue reading 9 Benefits Of Lip Paints

Lip Gloss Pros Vs. Cons

Lip products are a cosmetic must have. In a few minutes, you can instantly perk up your complexion. You can create new looks with a simple swipe. They can help you make your outfit pop when you’re feeling your best. Lip products are also more cost effective than other products, instantly earning them a place … Continue reading Lip Gloss Pros Vs. Cons

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