Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Gel Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Gel

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Gel made a splash when it appeared on the makeup scene in 2019, and it remains an iconic product. It’s a brow lover’s must-have and is in everyone’s arsenal. If you have yet to learn about Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Gel, it’s time to find out whether this product is worth the constant hype.

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What Is Dipbrow Gel?

Dipbrow Gel is a highly pigmented brow gel. This tinted brow gel feels slightly thicker than other brow gels but isn’t quite thick enough to be considered a pomade. It offers superior color and makes doing your eyebrows insanely easy, even for beginners.

How To Use Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Gel

To use Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Gel, carefully dip the spoolie into the product, sliding it along the edge to remove excess product. Then, run the spoolie along your eyebrows, starting at the middle and working towards the outer end of your brow. Use the remaining product to fill in the rest of your eyebrow, starting at the end towards your nose and working towards the middle.

To define your eyebrows with this tinted brow gel, dip an angled brush into the product and use it as you usually would.

Anastasia Dipbrow Pros Vs. Cons

anastasia beverly hills


The Price

Pick up this cult favorite for about $20 at Sephora, Amazon, or the ABH website. It costs about the same as other brow gels that you need to keep brow hairs in place but gives you the additional benefit of filling your eyebrows simultaneously.

Works Like An Eyebrow Gel

This brow product works just like an eyebrow gel. Enjoy the way it provides a lasting dark brown color and sets your eyebrows simultaneously. It’s an excellent 2 in 1 product!

Serious Staying Power

This long lasting product was designed to keep your eyebrows on fleek all day long and possibly into the night. It doesn’t smear or smudge as the day goes on. Instead, your color will last, and every hair will stay in place.

Long-Lasting, Waterproof Formula

Not only will this formula last throughout the day at the office, but it will also hold up if you leave work to discover that it’s sprinkling or want to go swimming for the day. The waterproof formula is just another thing to love about this brow gel.

Can Give You A Dramatic Look

If you crave dramatic eyebrows, this product can still work for you. Use an angled brush and the spoolie to carefully perfect the look of sculpted eyebrows.

Works For Various Brow Types

It doesn’t matter how much eyebrow hair you have; this tinted brow gel can work for you. It quickly fills in sparse areas to perfectly blend my eyebrows, making it perfect for areas where the natural growth tends to be slower. It would work wonders for sparse brows.

However, I have naturally bushy eyebrows with the occasional hair that can’t be tamed. This product doesn’t make them look too dark and keeps every unruly hair perfectly in place. If you have a bushy brow, this waterproof eyebrow gel is a great idea. It works well with all brow hair types, making it essential for your everyday brow routine.

Nice Shade Selection

There are currently eleven different shades available, guaranteeing that you can find your perfect match no matter what color your hair or eyebrows are. If you have fair skin, it can be hard to find a shade that provides a seamless matte finish and isn’t too dark, but this isn’t a problem with DipBrow gel.

A Little Goes A Long Way

A small amount of this product can quickly fill in both of your brows. One bottle can last for weeks or months! I’ve had several eyebrow products gone within a week or two, so it’s nice to know that this one will last a while. It’s great if you’re looking for a new eyebrow product to include in your makeup routine.

It’s Gluten Free

While Anastasia Beverly Hills might not offer a comprehensive line of gluten free products, they do let you know which ones are safe for those that are sensitive to gluten, and this is one of them!

Great Brand

Anastasia Brow products are some of the best known brow products in the business. The collection of award-winning brow products features everything you need to make personalized or calm down unruly brows. Most products look natural so that it looks like your actual brow! Brow products were this company’s claim to fame; they consistently win awards and often live up to their reputation. If you haven’t tried them yet, it’s worth picking up a mini version to find out why this is the internet’s most well-loved brow product.

Great For A Natural Look

This brow gel gives your eyebrows a fluffy, natural look that is perfect for days when you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup. Use your ABH Dipbrow Gel and some concealer, and head out the door! Using hair-like strokes and opting for a matte finish will ensure that you leave the house with a natural-looking finish.

I was originally nervous about how this would look. My eyebrows are black, so I wasn’t sure if the taupe would work out well. It blended perfectly to create a softer look that I adore!

dipbrow review

Mini Version Available

If you’re not ready to commit to a full-size version of this product or need one you can easily stash in your purse, consider picking up the travel size. It is half the size, but that also means that it is half the price!


Applicator Picks Up A Lot Of Product

It’s extremely important to wipe the brush along the edge of the bottle when pulling the applicator out. It can pick up a bit too much product, resulting in globs of tinted gel on your brows or a messy application. Proper application is essential when you’re using this product from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Drying Time

It takes a minute or two for this one to dry. It’s not a product you want to grab and apply out the door. When I’m in a rush, I can fill in my brows and use Wander Brow Gel faster than this product dries. Keep that in mind when implementing Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Gel into your morning routine.

While you are waiting for this product to dry, it can smudge very easily. It’s not a clear gel form like other brow gels, so you don’t want to risk smudging.

Consider picking up an eyebrow pencil for those mornings!

Keep The Cap On Tight

This product can dry out rather quickly if the cap is loose. It can dry out so quickly that you’ll use the product one day to get fuller-looking, more defined brows and discover that it’s dried out the next day. Avoid this by ensuring you take the time to screw the cap on tightly after each use.

There Is A Learning Curve

Once you get the hang of applying this product, you’ll love that it doesn’t take as long as a pomade to apply and offers the same fuller-looking, more defined brows. However, you do need to devote a couple of hours to learning to use it.

Some people find that they have to use an angled brush along the edges of their brows, while others have mastered how to do this same look with the mascara-like wand that is included with the product. Understand that if you’ve never used DipBrow Gel before, you need to take some time to learn how to use it. If not, you can wind up with blocky or unruly brows instead of the gorgeous personalized brows you’re going for.


Is Anastasia Beverly Hills cruelty-free?

ABH dipbrow

Yes, Anastasia Beverly Hills is a cruelty-free company. It does not test any of its products or ingredients on animals, and products are not sold in countries that require animal testing by law. Their products feature the PETA logo to show that they are certified as cruelty-free.

Is Anastasia Beverly Hills vegan?

Anastasia Beverly Hills is cruelty-free, but they are not considered 100% vegan. Some of their product contain animal-derived ingredients. However, they have a wonderful list of vegan products.

Is Anastasia Beverly Hills high end?

Yes, Anastasia Beverly Hills is considered high-end. It’s often considered a luxury brand because it is considered very high quality. Anastasia Beverly Hills costs less than other high-end brands, hence why people often wonder whether it’s considered a luxury brand or not.

Is ABH dipbrow vegan?

Although Anastasia Beverly Hills does offer a wonderful collection of vegan products, the ABH DipBrow Gel is not on the list. However, you can find brow pencils, pomade, and gel in vegan varieties.

Should You Buy It?

If you love brow products and are a sucker for cult favorites, this one is worth picking up. Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Gel works for both dramatic looks and natural eyebrows but tends to work exceptionally well for a more natural look.

If you’ve never used Anastasia Beverly Hills products or are unsure whether you want to use a DipBrow gel, consider picking up a mini size. Mini-size versions are available in the same wide range of shades and aren’t as expensive.

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