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How To Get Rid Of Blue Hair

After my hair was platinum blonde, I decided I wanted multi-color hair. Portions were light pink. There was also a bit of purple. The chunks of blue stood out more than any other color. It was a vibrant, sapphire blue. Against the other colors, the blue hair dye was stunning.

Then, the pastel colors faded. The only color that was left in my hair was sapphire blue. I had was left with a few large chunks of blue hair dye. So, I decided I wanted to get the blue hair dye out of my hair to go back to white-blonde. It proved to be a bit harder than I imagined.

What You Need To Know Before Removing Blue Hair Dye

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If you’re trying to get blue hair dye out of your hair, there are a few things that you’ll need to know. Make sure that you keep these in mind before dumping bleach or color remover over your blue hair dye.

Every Method Will Dry Out Your Hair

It doesn’t matter whether you choose to use a bleach wash or hair dye remover, it will dry out your hair. Even dish soap can make your hair feel dry and damaged. My hair felt like straw after each treatment I used to remove blue hair dye.

Only Try One Method At A Time

Because things like color remover to remove blue hair dye can damage your hair, you don’t want to use more than one method at a time. For example, don’t use color remover, see that it doesn’t work, and then use a different brand of color remover the same day. You’ll kill your hair. Instead, use one method per week to keep your hair healthy.

Treat Your Hair In Between Methods

Because this is going to damage your hair, you need to make sure that you take extra care to moisturize and condition your hair in between methods that you’re using to keep it healthy. Consider DIY conditioning treatments, using products that are going to keep your hair healthy, and make sure that you don’t use heat.

How To Remove Blue Hair Dye

Blue hair dye is the hardest color to remove. If you only strip part of the color from the hair, you wind up with green hair instead of blue. However, if you go too far you wind up killing your hair. It’s a delicate balance, but you can do it.

Skip The Home Remedies, Like Dish Soap

According to the internet, simply putting a few drops of dishsoap into your regular shampoo can slowly take out the blue hair dye. Washing your hair with dishsoap can also take out the blue hair dye. I’ve tried it. It didn’t work. It will leave your hair dry, but it will still be blue.

Avoid Color Remover Unless You Have Light Blue Hair

Sometimes, color remover might work. I tried this on my daughter’s hair once. We followed the directions. It stripped part of the blue, but not all of it. Instead, she had green hair. It would have taken 4-5 applications to remove all of the dark blue hair dye.

This is because the hair dye was such a dark color. It will do the same thing to sapphire blue hair. The only time you can trust that hair dye remover will definitely work is if you have light blue hair.

Using Bleach To Remove Blue Hair Dye

Bleach will remove blue hair dye. You can purchase bleach at your local salon supply store, like Sally’s, and simply bleach the blue portions of your hair. It may take once or twice, but it will remove the blue hair dye.

For a gentler approach that will be less damaging to your hair, consider a bleach wash. To do a bleach wash, mix up the bleach as directed. You mix the bleach exactly as you would if you were going to bleach your hair.

Then, you want to add the amount of shampoo you typically use to wash your hair to the same bowl as the bleach. After that, mix the bleach and shampoo thoroughly.

Finally, put on some gloves and apply the bleach/shampoo solution to your hair. The shampoo helps to dilute the bleach so that it can still remove the color without causing as much damage to your hair.

You’ll then need to wait as long as the directions on the bleach say to. After that, rinse the bleach out of your hair. You may need to do this process more than once because the bleach is diluted. However, I only had to do it twice, and my hair survived.


Can you use dishsoap to remove blue hair dye

I couldn’t seem to. I added a few drops to my shampoo. I also washed my hair with dishsoap. I tried Palmolive and Gain. Neither even faded my brilliant blue hair. Instead, try using a bleach wash.

What is the best color remover for blue hair

The most effective way to remove blue hair dye from hair is with bleach. If you’re concerned that you’re going to damage your hair, consider doing a bleach wash. This mixes the bleach with shampoo so it is not as damaging to your hair.

What does dark blue hair fade to

It fades to a dark sea green color. After that, it will slowly fade to a lighter green. If you want to keep your hair blue longer, consider washing it with a blue shampoo. Only wash your hair with cold water to help your color last longer.

In Conclusion

Blue hair dye is notorious for being hard to remove. If you want to remove blue hair dye quickly, bleach it out. Make sure that you condition your hair and use a hair mask to moisturize your hair due to how damaging bleach can be.

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