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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a massive fan of nude lips or love a plump, pink pout lipstick is far from the only product you can use. If you’re not a fan of wearing lipstick every day or want to try some new lip products, this article is for you. These are some of the best alternatives to lipstick.

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Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is known for being a great alternative to lipstick. It’s easy to apply and available in every shade imaginable. You can find lip gloss in satin, shiny and matte finishes to help you get the look you want.

Gloss is notoriously known for being sticky, but that rule is now considered outdated. Modern formulas are no longer so tacky that you can’t let anything get near your lips. Now, you can put on a swipe of gloss and enjoy how it dries across your lips. You’ll get the same color payoff you love with lipstick’s staying power.

Our Recommended Lip Glosses

NYX Butter Gloss ($5)

NYX Cosmetics makes high-quality makeup accessible to everyone with their affordable products. Discover your inner makeup artists, and some of the most trending products with this favorite brand. It’s Butter Lip Gloss delivers a high shine without the sticky residue we’ve come to expect from lip glosses. 

Why We Love It
  • Non-sticky
  • Shade range of over 20 colors offers pinks, reds, blue, purple, browns and more!
  • High-shine
  • Seriously pigmented
  • Use it by itself, under lip products or as a lip topper

Check it out here!

Le Phyto Gloss By Sisley-Paris ($60)

The packaging itself screams high quality and luxury, and gives you a slight glimpse into what to expect from a luxurious lip gloss. Everything from the application to the formula is guaranteed to impress you when you use this lipstick alternative. 

Why We Love It
  • Hyaluronic Acid and Konjac Glucomannans smooth and plump lips for even texture
  • Serious pigment
  • Extreme shine
  • Formula is designed to nourish and replenish the lips while protecting them

Check it out here!

Tinted Lip Balm

Add a slight pop of color with tinted lip balm. Most lip balms have a slight peach, red or pink tint to give you a tiny amount of color while letting your natural lip color shine through. This idea pairs perfectly with natural makeup.

Lip balms can also help moisturize your lips. These are naturally formulated with ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil. These ingredients help moisturize your lips and protect your lips from harsh cold weather.

Our Recommended Tinted Lip Balms

Tinted lip balms are going to have the same high color pay-off that a lipstick will, but they can still be a nice alternative to lipsticks. Lip balms are specially formulated to nourish your lips, making them the perfect choice for anyone with dry or chapped lips. They typically have a sheer color to give your lips a little bit of color for a more natural look. 

E.l.f. Cosmetics Bite-Sized Lip Balm ($5)

A bite-sized lip balm that delivers a dose of color while seriously nourishing your lips. It’s bite-sized to make it travel-friendly, and available in four shades, including clear!

Why We Love It
  • Light, sheer color
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • Can use it as a lip primer
  • Nourishes your lips

Check out more details here!

Watermelon Lip Balm With Natural Tint By Hey Honey ($23)

A lip balm specially formulated to heal and repair dry, cracked lips while delivering a subtle hint of natural color for a perfect pout. 

Why We Love It
  • Ingredients like honey and castor oil nourish and heal lips
  • Provides a protective layer to help lips stay healthy
  • Subtle lip tint makes lips look healthy
  • Hydrates dry lips
  • Doesn’t feather throughout the day

Check it out here!

Chubby Lip Crayons

If you’re not a lipstick lover but love the color of bright lipstick, consider trying out a lip crayon! To use these, you open them and color your lips. Many products come with moisturizing properties just like moisturizing lipstick does, you can find them in every color imaginable, and they are easy to apply!

Our Recommended Lip Crayons

Le Monster Lip Crayon By Haus Labs ($22)

Le Monster Lip Crayon offers the easy application you get with a li pcrayon combined with the nourishment you receive from a high-quality lipstick, making it a great lipstick alternative!

Why We Love It
  • Available in 12 demi-matte shades and one shimmer
  • Long-lasting color
  • Glides smoothly across the lips
  • Leaves lips feeling nourished and hydrated

Check it out here!

Matte Crayon + Balm By Trestique ($26)

Trestique offers every makeup product you need in a chubby crayon, from foundation to lip color! They are portable, practical and easy to use, or take with you on the go!

Why We Love It
  • Available in six gorgeous shades
  • Refillable
  • Lip balm included for convenience
  • Lip crayon doesn’t bleed or feather throughout the day
  • Lip balm provides intense hydration, and can be used as a primer

Check out the rest of the details and read rave reviews here!

Lip Tint

Lip tint is the perfect way to add a touch of color to your face! Lip tints are known for their intense hydrating properties. They stain your lips for an extended color payoff that you don’t get with lipsticks. More than anything, you’ll love the way that lip tints don’t tend to wear away as the day goes on. If you’re searching for maximum staying power, try a lip tint.

Our Recommended Lip Tints

Gogotint Cheek & Lip Stain By Benefit Cosmetics ($21)

This lip stain by Benefit Cosmetics is a great alternative to traditional lipstick. If you’re looking for new lip products, don’t forget about the power of lip stains. They deliver a splash of color that slowly sinks into your lips to last all day without you having to touch it up. 

Why We Love It: 
  • Long-lasting color
  • Seriously pigmented
  • Easy, no-mess application
  • Multi-tasking

Check it out here!

Double-Date Lip And Cheek Tint By Wander Beauty ($24)

This multi-tasking makeup product from Wander Beauty has a shimmer-free lip tint and the perfect cheek tint to pair it with. It’s available in four gorgeous shades that are all going to make your date weak in the knees! That’s not the only reason we love this lipstick alternative!

Why We Love It
  • Cute compact has a built-in mirror
  • Travel friendly
  • Sheer color gives a natural look
  • Shimmer free balm
  • Clear balm can be used on both cheeks and lips
  • Cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free

Check it out here!

Lip Butters

One of my favorite ways to get out the door when I’m in a hurry is to use my lip butter lip treatment. It helps hydrate dry lips while giving you a dose of color. If you’re not a lipstick fan, this hack is a must-try.

Our Recommended Lip Butters

Botanical Seraphine Botanicals Hibiscus + Baume Glow Lip Mask ($26)

I first learned about Seaphine Botanicals years ago from Ipsy, and it’s lip mask quickly became a staple during winter months. When my lips are too dry or chapped, it’s a wonderful option to nourish and hydrate your lips while giving them a dose of color. More than that, these products also help heal your lips!

Why We Love It
  • Feels soothing on the lips
  • Helps lips feel healed 
  • Subtle color looks more natural
  • Not sticky or goopy
  • Can be worn both day and night

Check it out here!

Milani Rose Butter Lip Mask ($8.99)

This lip mask is designed to be worn all night long to reveal smooth, hydrated lips in the morning. However, you can also wear it during the day to enjoy the healing properties and a subtle bit of color!

Why We Love It
  • Thick consistency
  • Infused with rose oil, shea butter, hyaluronic acid and cupuaca butter for maximum hydration, and to keep your lips hydrated
  • Light, natural scene that isn’t overpowering
  • Easy to take with you on the go

Check it out here!

Lip Liner

It’s a well-known lipstick hack to color your lips with lip liner before applying lipstick to help your color last all day. Who says that you have to apply lipstick next, though? Instead, enjoy the deep berry color of your liner!

Our Recommended Lip Liners

Mineralist Lasting Lip Liner ($19)

BareMinerals is known for it’s amazing powder foundation formulas, but don’t forget that they have an entire line of amazing makeup products, like this long lasting lip liner! It can easily provide the color you want in a lipstick alternative, and it won’t bleed onto your face throughout the day!

Why We Love It
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Formulated without tree nuts
  • All day wear without feathering
  • Use it for additional lip color, as a lip liner, or as a lip primer
  • Bare Minerals has banned thousands of ingredients that are not allowed in the EU
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Easy to sharpen without accidental breakage

Check it out here!

Everlasting Lip Liner By KVD Beauty ($20)

KVD Vegan Beauty offers an extensive line of vegan makeup products that offer high-quality vegan formulas. It’s Everlasting Lip Liner provides so much pigment you can easily use it as a lipstick alternative!

Why We Love It
  • Available in over ten shades
  • Shade range includes artistic shades, like purple and green
  • Vegan
  • Non-drying matte formula
  • Lightweight, comfortable wear

Check it out here!

Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipstick is technically still, but it’s far from your classic lipstick tube. These products are similar to lip fondants. They offer an enormous color payoff, dry on your lips, and are designed to stay in place for hours on end. All of the big names in the beauty industry offer liquid lipstick now. Pick one up in a natural tone or your favorite bright jewel tones.

Our Recommended Liquid Lipsticks

Cover FX Monochromatic Lip Color ($21)

A vegan and cruelty-free liquid lipstick that delivers serious pigment to your lips that lasts all day! Everything from Cover FX is both cruelty-free and vegan. 

Why We Love It
  • Available in 6 shades
  • Pair it with monochromatic blush from Cover FX for a monochromatic makeup look
  • Infused with Vitamin C and Vitamin E to keep lips healthy
  • Comfortable wear
  • Non-drying matte formula
  • Long-lasting

Check it out here!

PHYTO Pigments Liquid Lip Color By Juice Beauty ($25)

It feels like a lip balm to the touch but glides across the lips like a liquid lipstick should, with zero tugging and even color distribution. This traditional lipstick alternative is even environmentally friendly!

Why We Love It
  • Plant derived pigments
  • Organic ingredients
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Antioxidants like Vitamins C and E protect the lips
  • Softens the lips
  • Delivers serious color that lasts
  • Comfortable wear

Check it out here!

Lip Paint

Lip paint is the ultimate lip product in the makeup game. These products are the perfect combination of lipstick and lip gloss. They dry on your lips, so you’ll never have to worry about your lips being tacky. Color transfer is never a problem. On the other hand, they also won’t dry out your lips as some liquid lipsticks do. With the easy application of lip gloss, you get all of the moisturizing properties that you love about lipstick.

Our Recommended Lip Paints

Magnetic Plush Paints by Nudstix ($28)

If you want color that stays, lip paints are a perfect alternative to lipstick for you. They’re known for lasting all day long, but that’s not the only thing we love about this liquid lip color from Nudestix!

Why We Love It
  • Non-drying matte formula
  • Glides on smoothly without tugging on the lips
  • Multi-tasking product designed for the eyes, lips, and cheeks
  • Perfect for monochromatic makeup looks
  • Long-lasting formula

Check it out here!

L’Oreal Pairs Infallible Lip Paints ($3.40)

L’Oreal Paris Lip Paints paved the road for future lip paints, liquid lipsticks and other long lasting formulas. This once cult-favorite is still a classic!

Why We Love It
  • Both standard and artistic colors, like blue, are available
  • Long lasting
  • Full coverage
  • It doesn’t bleed throughout the day
  • Non-drying formula

Check it out here!

Lip Plumper

Lip plumper works because it has ingredients that cause a natural reaction in your lips, making them swell. This same ingredient can also slightly irritate your lips, giving them a little burst of color. When using products like Too Faced Lip Injection, you’ll notice that the color on your lips stays long after the burning sensation is gone. This single product can easily replace your lipstick!

Our Recommended Lip Plumpers

So Plush Lip Plumping Gloss By Julep ($16)

One thing that we love about this lip plumping gloss is that it’s available in deep brown and red shades instead of the traditional clears and pinks that we’ve grown accustomed to. On top of that, it’s formulated to be good for your lips!

Why We Love It
  • Almond oil nourishes the lips
  • Serious color pay off
  • Instantly plumper pout
  • Infused with Vitamin E 

Check it out here!

Too Faced Lip Injection Maximum Plump Extra Strength Lip Plumper ($33)

When it comes to lip plumper, it’s hard not to think about Too Faced Lip Plumpers! There is an original version, a maximum plumping version, and a few shades available!

  • Available in transparent and shades of pink
  • Seriously glossy
  • Instantly plumps your pout
  • Available in a mini

Check out this best-selling lip plumper here!

Finding the perfect lip product can be tricky if you’re not a lipstick lover. However, there are some great alternatives to lipstick on the market! Work your way down the list to discover a world full of lip color and tremendous products! Check out the rest of the blogs to discover excellent product reviews, tips, and more!

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