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What Is Strobe Cream?

The makeup world is plush with products, one of which is strobe cream. Strobing cream is designed to give dull, flat skin the boost that it needs to look radiant again. This makeup product falls into the category of illuminators. 

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What Is An Illuminator?

While we’ve all heard of products like highlighter and bronzer, the term illuminators aren’t quite as popular today as it used to be. However, plenty of people still keep their MAC strobe cream on their vanity. 

That’s because illuminators do something that other products simply don’t. They create a beautiful, luminous glow over your entire face. This makes them perfect for people that have dull skin. It’s the equivalent of being under the beautiful lights on a makeup set. 

How Do You Apply Strobing Cream?

When you use strobe cream, simply put a dab on your fingertips. Then, massage it into your facial skin. If you don’t like to use your fingers to apply products, you can also use a brush. 

Do You Use Strobe Creams Before Or After Foundation?

You can use it either way. Most people apply strobing cream after applying moisturizer, and before applying foundation. However, according to MAC, you can use MAC Strobe Cream after foundation for a more intense effect. This is a great idea if you only have matte foundation left and need to give your look a luminous boost. 

Where Do You Apply Strobe Cream?

There are various opinions on this, and there is no right or wrong answer. You put this product anywhere that you would like to give your skin a glow. 

There are a lot of people that use strobe cream in the areas that they would highlighter. Some opt for a simple dab on their cheekbones. It’s common to put a touch of highlighter on the tip of your nose or on your forehead, too. 

Another popular option is to apply strobe cream all over your face. People that use MAC strobe cream as both a moisturizer and primer prefer to do this. Just now learning about MAC strobe cream? Check it out here! 

What’s The Difference Between Strobe Creams And Highlighter?

While both of these products give you a gorgeous glow, strobe cream is designed to do that over your entire face. Highlighter, on the other hand, is designed to only highlight certain areas. When you use a highlighter you’ll notice that it tends to make areas lighter than strobing cream does. 

Highlighter comes with more options. You can opt for a glittery or matte finish. There are sticks, creams, and powder. 

Strobing cream doesn’t come with those same options. Maybelline launched a strobing stick quite a while ago, but this isn’t ideal if you want to use it on your entire face. It’s recommended that people use the strobing stick like a highlighter. There are powder versions, but these don’t have the same effect as a cream like MAC strobe cream does. They simply don’t work as well. 

Do Not Use Strobe Creams If You Have Oily Skin

Strobing cream is a great product, but it’s not a good idea if you have oily skin. People with combination skin need to take a good look at their complexion after wearing strobe cream for three hours to determine if it will work for them. 

People with oily skin naturally have a shine. When you use a product that increases that shine, it can be too much. The end result does not always look good. Instead, check out other makeup tips to find the perfect look for you!


Is strobe cream a good moisturizer?

That depends on the brand that you’re using. Most strobe creams aren’t designed to double as a moisturizer. Instead, think of them more like a highlighter. However, MAC strobe cream is designed to be both moisturizing and for use as a primer. 

What is strobe cream used for?

Strobe creams are an illuminator, just like highlighters. Strobing creams and sticks create a beautiful glow as though you’re standing underneath the perfect lighting.  

Is strobing cream good for your skin?

Wearing makeup, in general, is bad for your skin, and this includes strobe cream. Some have exceptional moisturizing properties, which can make them better for your skin. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re good for your skin. 

Can you use MAC strobe cream as a primer?

Yes, you can. MAC strobe cream is designed to be used as a primer. Because of that, you can use it before applying your foundation just like you would a face primer. If you’re out of primer, this is a great substitute. 

Can you use strobe cream daily?

You can, but it’s not recommended. Using makeup products daily can result in breakouts and skin problems. This is because the strobe creams sit in your pores every day. Instead, wear it as much as you would other makeup. 

In Conclusion

Strobe creams are an illuminator and help give you the appearance of a natural glow. If you have a natural glow via oily skin or sweat, it’s best to avoid using strobing creams. Instead, check out contouring to give yourself a look you want! 

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