How To Pluck Eyebrows For Beginners

how to tweeze brows for beginners

Flawlessly plucked eyebrows can instantly enhance your appearance. Well-done eyebrows can improve the appearance of your facial structure and make your entire look more polished. There are several ways to groom your eyebrows, but plucking them remains the most popular. Plucking your eyebrows gives you more precision than waxing or threading. It’s easy for beginners to learn how to pluck your eyebrows. More than that, it’s one of the most budget-friendly ways to do your brows.

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Benefits Of Learning How To Pluck Eyebrows At Home

After a certain age, I felt I should go to a salon and get my eyebrows done like everyone else. So I did. Thanks to that experience, I’ve discovered several benefits to doing your eyebrows. 

There’s Less Chance That You’ll Mess Them Up

I know you’re a beginner, but there’s still less chance that you’ll mess them up. That’s because you already have the look that you want. You won’t want to destroy your eyebrows, so you’ll take more time and care when doing your eyebrows. That is not always the case at salons. 

I had almost perfect eyebrows until I went to a salon. The main flaw was a line that did not grow hair. There was no scar. This one eyebrow had always been this way. Until I went to a salon. The woman who did my eyebrows made them significantly shorter to line up with the line that did not grow hair. She waxed off the end of my eyebrow. 

That wasn’t the only mistake. She took a chunk off the top to give me more of an arch. She realized her mistake because she only did that with one eyebrow. 

Today, almost ten years later, my eyebrows’ ends are still sparse. My one eyebrow still has a small indent on the top because the hair never grew back. It’s smaller now, so you wouldn’t notice it unless you were staring at my eyebrows, but I know it’s there. This is the main reason I do my eyebrows. 

No Allergic Reaction To Wax

When I go to a salon and have my eyebrows waxed, everywhere the wax touches breaks out. I get hives that look like giant welts. Leaving the salon involved a pair of really large sunglasses and not going anywhere else for the day. That’s not the case if I tweeze them myself. 

It’s Cheaper Learning How To Tweeze Eyebrows For Beginners

Eyebrow waxing is not expensive. On the other hand, why spend $20 if you don’t have to? Besides, if you’re down to your last $20 until payday, you don’t want to spend it on getting your brows done when you can make them look perfect at home. 

How To Tweeze Eyebrows At Home

billion dollar brows

You will need a few things when you’re doing your eyebrows at home. You’ll need: 

  • Eyebrow Scissors. These are similar to cuticle scissors in size, but they aren’t curved, so it’s easier to trim long hairs. If you aren’t comfortable with that, you can skip this step. Instead, you’ll brush them down with a spoolie. Eyebrow gel can hold the longer hairs in place throughout the day. 
billion dollar brows tools
  • Spoolie Brush. These come in most brush kits. They look like the spoolie that is used when applying mascara. You can also use a standard eyebrow brush if you don’t have one. 
billion dollar brows brush
  • Slanted Tweezers. These are to tweeze all those little hairs. Slanted ones are easier to tweeze with, and you can see what you’re doing. I used mine from Billion Dollar Brows (they came in the tool kit.) However, don’t buy them. I love Billion Dollar Brows scissors and some of their products, but their tweezers do not function better than any other slanted tweezers. My dollar store tweezers do the same thing. (No picture included because we all know what tweezers are.)

  • A makeup pencil that wipes off easily. It’s helpful to draw on the shape of your eyebrow to ensure you don’t over-tweeze. You don’t want one designed to last all day because you’ll wipe it off your eyebrow after you’re done. 
billion dollar brows pencil

Shape Your Eyebrows

Before you start tweezing, you want to know your eyebrows’ shape. Eyebrows that are not in the proper shape aren’t flattering. 

First, hold your eyeliner pencil, tweezers, or spoolie brush so that it is at the end of your nose. Then, make it go in a straight line up, over the corner of your eye, and onto your forehead. This marks where your eyebrow should begin. 

how to shape eyebrows

Then, holding the brush at the same place at the end of your nose, look forward. Make sure that the brush is then going from your nose up to the forehead. This time, the brush should go over your eye’s center. This marks where the arch of your eyebrow should be. 

how to shape eyebrows

Finally, angle the brush so it lines up with the outer corner of your eye and extends to the forehead. This spot on your eyebrow is where the end of your eyebrow should be. 

shaping eyebrows

Shave Or Tweeze Those Pesky Middle Hairs

how to do eyebrows

I get tiny hairs in between my eyebrows. There is not a full unibrow, but those hairs are still there. If they are there when I am tweezing, I tweeze them. You can also use an eyebrow shaper to shave them. 

It’s a common myth that they will grow back quicker once you shave them. That is not true. I’ve done that many times, and they do not grow back quickly

Trim The Long Hairs In The Center

If you’re comfortable using eyebrow scissors, it’s time to put them to use. Make sure that you’re careful when you do this step. You can always fill your eyebrows with an eyebrow pen if you cut the hair too short. However, that’s not ideal. 

Take your spoolie brush and comb the hair on your eyebrows towards your hairline. Some of the brow hairs won’t stay at that angle. That’s fine. We want the middle hairs towards the center of the forehead to be combed up. These tend to grow faster and longer in some people. (For example, me.) 

do eyebrows at home

Trim a tiny bit off the top and even those longer hairs out. Do one brow and then the other. After that, take a step back to look in the mirror and ensure they are even. 

trimming eyebrows

Color In The New Shape Of Your Eyebrows

Shaping eyebrows

Using your pencil, eyeliner, or whatever you choose to use, you want to color in your eyebrow. As you do this, draw the shape you want your eyebrows to be. Ignore any stray hairs that you want to tweeze. 

Using a lighter color works best for this. I used orange eyeliner, so it’s hard to see in the pictures. Most beginners use a light color like white or nude. The highlighter pencil in a BDB kit works wonderfully if you have one. (Mine rolled under the bed, and I couldn’t find it when doing my eyebrows, so I had to improvise.)

When you’re done, you should have your eyebrow shape perfectly colored in. Look in the mirror to ensure both eyebrows are even and have an arch in the same place. 

Tweeze Your Eyebrows

Now, you can tweeze the hairs outside of the shape of your eyebrow. If you have a steady hand, you can use an eyebrow shaper. If not, it’s best to stick to tweezers to avoid accidentally shaving off a portion of your eyebrow. 

As you tweeze your eyebrows, you want to move from one eyebrow to another. Tweeze a few hairs on the first eyebrow. Then, do the same with the other eyebrow. Move back and forth between the two, stopping occasionally to check that they are both even. This can help ensure that one eyebrow doesn’t somehow wind up thinner. 

If you tire of sitting in front of the mirror, take a break and finish it later. If you’re in a rush or don’t feel like tweezing your eyebrows, you’re more likely to wind up with uneven eyebrows.

The Perfect Brow Kit For Beginners

When it comes to tweezing your brows, the last things you want to deal with are scissors that aren’t sharp or tweezers that barely tweeze. Billion Dollar Brows has every brow product you can imagine, from brow pomades and powders to plenty of tools to keep your brows precise. I use a version of this kit when I do my brows at home, and I’ve used the pencil, brow gel, etc., all with remarkable results!

Ultimate Brow Bundle By Billion Dollar Brows

Billion dollar brows

If you’re beginning to do your brows at home, this brow kit for beginners has everything you need! The pencil is creamy and blendable, and you have tweezers and tools to maintain a flawless arch. Then, use the highlighter/concealer stick to look flawless. If you need scissors, etc., you can pick those up at Billion Dollar Brows, too!

Check them out here!

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