What Is An Illuminator Makeup?

Illuminator makeup is a type of product that gives your entire face a radiant glow. For example, Mac Strobe Cream is a very popular illuminator. Illuminators are available as a cream, powder, or stick so you can find a product that suits you. 

What’s The Difference Between Highlighter And A Makeup Illuminator?

When people think of a makeup product that gives your skin a glow, they instantly think of a highlighter. Highlighters have definitely cornered the market when it comes to products that give you a pop of radiance, but there are differences between highlighters and face illuminators. 

Highlighters are meant to be used on certain parts of the face. They work by bringing more attention to your bone structure. Highlighters are known for having more pigment for a bold look that society has come to love. 

Illuminators are designed differently. You can apply them before or after foundation depending on the effect that you would like to achieve. Mixing illuminators like Mac Strobe Cream with foundation is another popular idea. These products can be used on certain points like highlighters, but they can also be used all over your face for a subtle glow that you’re going to love. 

Illuminators are available in different forms. You can find them in cream, powder, or a stick just like you can highlighter. 

Don’t use a highlighter as an illuminator. You simply don’t want that pop of radiant color all over your face. However, you can use an illuminator as a highlighter. For a subtle look, use your illuminator on key spots of your face as you would a highlighter. 

Do You Use Face Illuminators Before Or After Foundation?

You can use them before or after foundation. When you apply your illuminator depends on the look you want to achieve. 

If you’d like a more subtle glow, apply an illuminator before foundation. For a glow that you’re going to notice, put on your strobe cream after foundation. 

Another option is to mix the foundation with the illuminator. This is easier to do if you have a liquid illuminator and liquid foundation. Simply put them on the back of your hand, mix them together, and apply. 

In Conclusion

Illuminator facial makeup gives you an all over glow. Use it before foundation for a subtle effect. To give your face more radiance apply illuminators like strobe cream after foundation. 

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