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Highlighter Hacks (13 Tips For An Instant Glow Up)

Highlighter has a place on every vanity. There are so many ways that you can use one product, though! It doesn’t matter whether you wound up with a highlighter that you don’t use or simply want to have some fun. These highlighter hacks will help you do it. 

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Highlighter Hacks You Need To Know

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Every beauty lover needs to know a few highlighter hacks. These tips and tricks are fun to try, they’ll give you an amazing glow, and you can finally use some of that highlighter that didn’t look so good on your cheeks instead of letting it collect dust. 

1. Use concealer on textured skin first

Before applying highlighter to textured areas, use a lighter colored concealer. Then, put the highlighter on top of the concealer. This will hide the bumpy area while giving you a nice glow. 

2. Combine liquid highlighter and your foundation

Use a mixing palette, or one of these cool DIY options, to mix up your liquid foundation and liquid highlighter. Then, apply your foundation as you normally would. Your skin will have a luminous glow that instantly makes you appear refreshed. 

3. Try thin tipped brushes

Using brushes with a thinner tip will give you a more concentrated glow. If you’re going for an all-over glow, this isn’t the hack to try today. If not, give it a shot and see if you like it!

4. Dust highlighter powder with thick brushes for an all-over glow

Using your thicker brushes that you normally would for the foundation will instantly give you an all over glow. This is also a very efficient way to apply highlighter powder. 

5. Use it where the sun hits

If you’re going for a natural look, you want to make sure that you put a highlighter on the areas where the sun is going to naturally shine, even if you don’t like the look as much. This is how you get a natural look with your highlighter. 

6. Dust it over your eyeshadow

To instantly create a shimmer effect, use your highlighter to top off your eyeshadow. Highlighter is usually a bit translucent, so you’ll still be able to see your killer smokey eye. 

7. Use your highlighter as eyeshadow

If you’re wondering can I use highlighter as eyeshadow, don’t worry. We’ve all thought the same thing. Fortunately, you can! Highlighters make an awesome shimmer eyeshadow. You can even use a cream highlighter as an eyeshadow. Apply it as you normally would eyeshadow, complete with primer and base color. 

8. Shimmer highlighters are great for dim lighting

If you’re in dim lighting, the contrast that a shimmer highlighter has against the dim lighting can truly make you stand out in a crowd. 

Likewise, you want to wear less of a glow in natural lighting. If you wear shimmering highlighter in natural light, it can make you glow a little bit too much. 

9. Apply it on the inner corners of your eyes

This will instantly give you a well rested look and make your eyes appear larger. It’s the perfect makeup hack for people with small eyes that want to brighten them up a bit. 

10. Highlighter before lipstick

When you put highlighter on your cupid’s bow, make sure that you do it before you apply your lipstick. The end result is that it will instantly make your lips look bigger. 

11. Mix highlighter with your concealer

Not only will this hide the dark circles under your eyes, but it will also make you look brighter and refreshed. You don’t have to actually get your eight hours of sleep to look like you did!

12. Use highlighter as eyeliner

This is a great way to use a highlighter that you don’t love as a highlighter. Wet your angled brush or eyeliner brush with face spray. Then, dip it into the product and apply it like eyeliner! 

13. How to make your highlighter more visible

If your highlighter just doesn’t quite have the pop you would love, wet your brush with setting spray before dipping it into your highlighter. The wet look will give your makeup an instant glow-up. 

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