Is This Works Cruelty Free

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Yes, ThisWorks is cruelty free. They state on their website that they do not test any of their products on animals or ingredients. You won’t find them in stores in mainland China where animal testing is required by law, either. This Works did receive an award from PETA for Beauty Without Bunnies. 

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Is This Works Vegan?

The British skincare company does not claim vegan status. However, they are very transparent about the use of ingredients derived from animals. 

ThisWorks clearly states that they strive to use ingredients that do not come from animals when they can, but sometimes their products have non-vegan ingredients. They make it easy to find the ingredient list on the website so that you can determine whether non-vegan ingredients have been used.

Last, they make you aware that there may be cross-contamination even though they aim to clean conveyor belts to limit cross-contamination. I love how open they are regarding their vegan status!

What About Gluten Free Skincare?

Their website returned no search results for “gluten free.” While they might have some gluten-free products, you’ll have to sift through the ingredient list to find out what options you have available. 

This Works CBD Skincare

CBD oil made waves with its capability of helping to treat some signs of anxiety and other medical concerns. The benefits of CBD don’t stop there, though. CBD has made its way into the skincare world with astounding results. This Works has released its skincare line featuring CBD oil on its sister site. 

You can find their sister site at this link. They have every CBD product you can imagine, from pillow sprays to help you relax into a peaceful sleep to wrinkle creams specially formulated with retinol and CBD for the perfect combination.

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