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How To Get Cheap Makeup

If I sit back and look at the total cost to replace every product on my vanity, I’m looking at over $1000. That’s not including the cool glass shelves with lotion and body spray. It also doesn’t include the basket packed with makeup products that I need to try out to decide if I’m going to keep them. Wondering how to get cheap makeup like that? This guide is for you.  

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How To Get Makeup For Cheap


The thing is, I’m not rich. I’m actually far from it. Just to give you a broad idea of my current income status, I make too much for welfare but not quite enough to pay off my student loans. That doesn’t mean that I’m compromising on my makeup or living off of drugstore brands, though. If you’re wondering how to get cheap makeup, check out these ideas. 

Check Out The Deals Section

Head over to the Beauty Blog page, and scroll down. You’ll find an awesome deals section with promo codes and sales for some of the best beauty brands.

Sign Up For Subscription Boxes

Boxes like BoxyCharm and Ipsy are well known for giving you luxury makeup. Once you break down the cost, you find out that you only pay about $5 per item. I have a $50 moisturizer that is perfect for my skin that I got for $5. 

Not only do you get makeup and skincare at a great price, but you also have an opportunity for more deals. Sometimes, subscription boxes wind up with way more products than the ones that they need to put in boxes. They sell these to you at a crazy discount via their flash sales. I know Ipsy flash sales are great, so I assume that BoxyCharm ones are also. 

Buy Cult Favorites Wholesale

You can find drugstore makeup by the pallet. When you come across Too Faced makeup that is being sold wholesale, you’re only paying a fraction of the cost that you would pay in stores. 

There is a slight catch, though. When you buy wholesale, you’ll have to buy more than one of each item. Instead of one awesome eyeshadow pallet, you’re going to wind up with twelve, for example. 

That’s where this idea also turns into a side hustle. Sell the other ones on sites like Poshmark or Facebook Marketplace. Then, you can wind up getting your makeup for free. 

Check Out Companies That Give Free Makeup Samples

Companies that give free makeup samples will give you some makeup to try. Granted, you’re not getting full-sized makeup that will last for months, but you’re still getting to use luxury makeup products at no cost to you. 

Discount Stores

Stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s always have a killer beauty section, and it’s packed with name-brand makeup. You can even find MAC makeup on clearance! Granted, it might be last season’s, so you’re not exactly getting a product from their latest release, but who cares?

Check Out Poshmark And eBay

When Ipsy has flash sales, a lot of the products are gone relatively quickly. Then, I see those same eyeshadow palettes pop up on these sites. People buy them from there or pick them up wholesale and then sell them to you. They make a profit, but you still get high end makeup without having to pay full price. 

Sign Up For Rewards Points

If you’re spending money on makeup anyway, you might as well get some free makeup too! You can save up rewards points to get some free or really cheap makeup. Sephora has a rewards points program, you get Ipsy points for every product that you personally review, and plenty of other stores do. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the store’s page to sign up!

Subscribe For Emails

Most online stores give you a one-time discount for signing up for emails. While this isn’t going to help you discover how to get cheap makeup on a long-term basis, every little bit helps when you have a makeup addiction. 

Write About Makeup

If you love makeup, and writing and have something to offer the world of makeup, you just found a fun hobby and a chance to get free makeup. Granted, companies are going to start sending you pallets of makeup after your first article. However, there is a chance that you can become an influencer over time. I got a $200 Hibella Smart Sensor mirror in exchange for an honest review. (You can check it out here if you’re interested.) You can join some affiliate sites to help other people find products that they’ll love too!

Sign Up For Influenster

If you’re working on becoming an influencer, consider signing up for influenster. Granted, this isn’t going to keep your vanity stocked with the latest releases from high-end makeup brands, but you do occasionally get to try cool makeup releases before other people do. 

Check Out Different Makeup Brands

Some brands, like ELF, are heard about over and over again. These same brands are surprisingly cheap! If you’re in a makeup rut, need something new, and don’t have a lot of extra cash to spend, consider going with a different brand. Awesome makeup doesn’t have to be expensive. 

When we think about stores like Sephora and Ulta we think of luxury makeup that costs an arm and a leg, but that isn’t always the case. They also carry a lot of affordable brands. You can always check out the reviews before you buy if you’re shopping online. 

Become An Influencer

Writing is my passion, so it’s the first thing that occurs to me. However, you have plenty of other options. Join social media channels and start a channel on either YouTube or another platform like TikTok. 

Then, start posting your favorite makeup products and hacks. You can even review other people’s hacks to show the world whether they work or not. 

We hear a lot about main influencers, but you can also be a micro influencer. This is a great way to start getting your name out there as an influencer. (Instagram really helps if you want to be an influencer.)

Shop Clearance Sections

You can find some great products from brands like Tarte on sale. When you’re shopping online, simply check out the clearance section. Typically, stores will clearance items because the makeup line released a new line of products of the same type. There’s nothing wrong with the products on clearance, either. Simply go to the Sephora website (or wherever you shop for makeup online), go to the clearance section, and then filter the products according to price. 

Other Makeup Shopping Tips To Keep You Stocked

While these are some great ways to make sure that you’re not paying full price for makeup, it’s not all about learning how to get cheap makeup. You also need to make sure that your vanity stays stocked with all of your favorite products. 

Stock Up During Sales

If you have a favorite makeup product and you find it on sale, buy more than one. Makeup can last for a few years before going bad. Some products can last five years if they are stored properly and remain unopened. When you stock up during a sale, you never really pay full price for your makeup necessities. 

Browse Makeup In Your Free Time

When you’re bored and pull out your phone, check out the clearance section instead of heading over to social media. You will find all kinds of deals, which is a great way to see if your favorite products are on sale. 

Subscribe To Your Favorite Stores

Subscribing can do much more than offering you a great one-time coupon. You also get notified about the latest deals and online flash sales. Some places, like Sephora and BareMinerals, also offer you a free gift for your birthday! That’s a great way to get a few awesome birthday presents. 

In Conclusion

Finding cheap makeup, especially if you’re a fan of high-end brands, can be challenging. That doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with makeup samples you get when visiting Sephora, though. Instead, try these tips to keep your vanity fully stocked. Check out this article to learn how to keep all of your new makeup perfectly organized while staying on a budget. 

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