What Is Color Corrector

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Color corrector in makeup is used to give you the even complexion that you want. Sometimes, dark spots, such as circles under the eyes, can show through your other makeup. That’s where a color corrector comes in. 

Color correctors help to offset the color, such as the purple of dark circles under the eyes, to give your complexion a uniform appearance. Some products are specifically designed to correct certain colors, such as under-eye concealers. You can find color-correcting palettes that have a little bit of every color, too. 

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Color Corrector Wheel In Makeup

Color correcting works by using a color that is opposite the color that you want to balance out. If you study color theory, you’ll learn that colors that are on the opposite of the color wheel cancel each other out. 

Different Colors Of Color Corrector

You’ll come across quite a few different colors of a color corrector. Getting a color corrector palette with purple, green, yellow, and pink is common. You can find these in various hues. Other colors, such as orange, are also available. These are all based on the color wheel, so you can trust that you can find a color corrector in every color of the color wheel. 

What Is Green Color Corrector Used For

A green color corrector is used to combat redness. This can be redness from a blemish. Pimples are also known to cause redness. If you have hyperpigmentation, you need a green color corrector. 

What Is Yellow Color Corrector Used For

A yellow color corrector is found in almost every color corrector palette. That’s because it’s so common. This color can be used to cover things of a purple tone. For example, bruises or dark circles under the eyes. Some people also use yellow to cover spider veins. 

Common Uses Of Color Corrector In Makeup

People use color correctors to cover anything that they need to. The color corrector can be used to cover blemishes or bruises. It’s commonly used to conceal dark circles or age spots. It can make your skin appear uniform, regardless of what it looks like under your foundation. 

Color Corrector For Bruises

Color corrector is commonly used for bruises. When you use it for bruises, you want to use a yellow or banana color. This is the opposite of purple on the color wheel. 

However, it’s also important that you keep an eye on the bruise. Over time, bruises will change from purple to red. If your bruise is green, try a lavender-tinted color corrector. Use green for bruises that have a red tint to them because they are still forming. 

Color Corrector For Dark Spots

Dark spots are very common. They come with age and/or exposure to the sun. Use a peach-colored color corrector. If you have a darker skin tone, use orange. Then, apply the rest of your makeup as you usually would. 

How To Apply Color Corrector For Dark Circles

To apply a color corrector for dark circles, you want to ensure you are done with your skincare routine. Then, apply a yellow color underneath your eyes. Make sure that you thoroughly cover the dark circles. After that, you still need to apply concealer and foundation. If not, you’ll have yellow splotches on your skin. 

How To Apply Color Corrector

Applying the color corrector needs to be done in steps. This is how you effectively conceal everything from hickeys to bruises to undereye circles. 

First, you want to apply the color corrector. You can do this with your fingers, a brush, or a beauty blender. (Most people use a brush.) 

After applying the color corrector, you apply the rest of your makeup. Apply a concealer that is the same tone as your skin. Then, apply your foundation on top of that. Finally, apply the rest of your makeup as you usually would. 

So, What Is Color Corrector?

Color corrector in makeup is used to give your skin an even appearance. It can cover everything from dark circles to black eyes to blemishes. Use the correct color to cancel out the color on your face, and use concealer and foundation next. For more tips on how to apply makeup, check out this article.

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