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Is Sephora Brand Vegan

Unfortunately, this brand is not known for being vegan. Although you can find several vegan makeup lines at Sephora, the house brand isn’t always one of them. At one point, they claimed the line was vegan but received an extensive amount of backlash from vegan makeup lovers and the cruelty free community.

Now, neither the website nor the product pages for specific products mention the word vegan. You’ll have to carefully check the ingredients list to discover if products are made with ingredients that are derived from animals. If you’re searching for a vegan friendly makeup brand, check out the one below! 

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Is Sephora Brand Cruelty Free

No, the Sephora collection is not cruelty free. They have makeup stores that both produce and sell cosmetics in China, where animal testing is required by law. This instantly makes them not cruelty free. 

Their specific animal testing policy clearly states that they do not test on animals, and will not request that anyone else test their products on animals, unless in countries where it is required by law. It is required by law in China that all cosmetics be tested on animals unless they are bought from a platform online so they are not manufactured in China or sold in brick and mortar stores in mainland China. 

Is Sephora Collection Makeup Good

It’s not bad quality but it’s not going to beat the most luxurious makeup products on the market either. You get budget friendly makeup that works as well as you can expect. It does tend to outperform most drugstore and dollar store brands, though. However, it still doesn’t beat Anastasia Beverly Hills. 

In Conclusion

Some products from the Sephora Collection make be vegan. However, it’s important to note that they are not cruelty free. Companies must pay for animal testing when they sell their products in mainland China. If you’re still not opposed to purchasing Sephora brand products, you might find that you love them. They aren’t bad for the price.

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