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Is Smashbox Vegan

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Smashbox was once one of the most iconic names in the industry. Although influencer brands, such as Morphe, have carved out a spot for themselves, beautician favorites like Smashbox have held onto their claims to fame. How are these brands doing in the world of vegan, cruelty free and gluten free makeup though? It turns out they aren’t doing that bad. 

Is Smashbox Vegan

Smashbox is not an all vegan brand, but they do offer a comprehensive collection of vegan makeup and products. One of the vegan products you will find is their famous PhotoFinish Primer. You can find other primers, brush cleaners, lip products, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and more when you browse through their vegan products. 

Is Smashbox Gluten Free

Smashbox does offer a few gluten free products, but there are not a lot of them. Photofinish Primer is considered gluten free. Once upon a time, Smashbox was one of the few companies that offered gluten free lipstick, but that is no longer the case. 

Finding gluten free makeup from Smashbox can also be a challenge. They do not have any products that are labeled gluten free. You also won’t find any products available on their website if you search for gluten free products. Instead, you’re back to reading the ingredient list. Keep in mind that cross contamination can be an issue as these products are not manufactured separately from gluten containing cosmetics. 

Is Smashbox Cruelty Free

Smashbox is interesting because their parent company, Estee Lauder, is not certified as cruelty free. Their products are sold in mainland China. However, that is not the case for Smashbox. 

Smashbox products are not tested on animals, and they are not sold anywhere where animal testing is required by law. Their ingredients are not tested on animals at all. This company is PETA certified, so you can rest assured that animals are not harmed by this company.

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