KimChi Chic Stage Proof Matte Setting Spray Review

KimChi Chic Beauty setting spray
KimChi Chic Beauty stage proof matte setting spray

KimChi Chic Stage Proof Matte Setting Spray is a new product on the market that many people are curious about. Does it really work? In this KimChi Chic Stage Proof Matte Setting Spray review, we will take a look at the ingredients, the pros and cons, and how to use it in your makeup routine.

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KimChi Beauty Setting Spray Ingredients

Ingredients: Aqua, Alcohol Denat, Propylene Glycol, VP/VA Copolymere, Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Disodium EDTA, Panthenol, Oryza Sativa (Rice), Starch, Sodium Salicylate, Plantago Lanceolata Leaf Extract, Mahonia Aquifolium Root Extract, Centaurea Cyanus Flower Extract, Laurtrimonium Chloride

KimChi Chic Stage Proof Matte Setting Spray Pros Vs. Cons

matte setting spray for summer

KimChi Chic Stage Proof Matte Setting Spray is full of great things, but it also has a few downsides that you need to keep in mind before you buy it. Always remember to keep both things in mind before you pick up a bottle. 


Provides Natural Shine

While other products tend to give you a serious glow up, this one is designed to be ready for the flash of a camera. Instead of intense radiance, this makeup spray gives you a soft glow that makes it look like you are radiating from within. It definitely deserves a spot in your makeup stash! 

Keep Makeup In Place

All setting sprays are supposed to keep your makeup in place, but few of them live up to the hype. That isn’t the case with KimChi Chic Stage Proof Matte Setting Spray! Ten hours later, my makeup still looked flawless. You can wear a full face of makeup to work without worrying. 

The Price

When it comes to comparing products, you can’t help but notice that this matte makeup setting spray is under $30. You get all of the wonderful things that you need in a setting spray for half the cost of leading brands. That makes it worth it a shot! 

Combats Oily T-Zone

If you’re searching for makeup to keep your oily t-zone in check throughout the day, this mattifying setting spray is something you should try. It helps to control oil and shine without making your skin look oily. It’s perfect for summer weather! 

It Doesn’t Change The Texture Of Your Makeup

Other setting sprays tend to make your makeup look different after you apply. This one doesn’t impact the color or texture of your makeup! Instead, you can show off the same intense color that you had after applying your makeup. You’ll love the smooth, long-lasting makeup look. 

Can Be Used As Eye Primer

Simply dab a little bit of this on with a makeup brush before applying your eye makeup for an intense color pay off! 

Wear It By Itself

You don’t have to have makeup in order to use long-lasting setting spray! Use this mattifying setting spray to help control oil and shine, guaranteeing that you’ll have gorgeous skin all day long, even in the middle of summer! 

Can Be Used As Primer

If you’re out of your MAC Primer, this will work as a base for makeup in a pinch. Spray it on your face, and let it dry. You can simply close your eyes to use it as an eye primer in addition to regular primer. Then, apply your bold makeup and bold eye makeup. You’ll love the long lasting makeup looks you can pull off when you use this as a primer! Not only will it make sure you don’t see your makeup slip, but it will also make your makeup pigments look more vibrant. 


Can Be Drying

The formula can be a tad drying. If you have serious dry skin, consider a different product or run a test trial while you’re at home before you leave while wearing this. The last thing you want is for your dry skin to get worse and start to flake midday. 


Is KimChi Chic Beauty cruelty free?

Is KimChi cruelty free

KimChi Chic Beauty is proud to show off their logo from PETA’s Global Beauty Without Bunnies certification. It means that they do not test any of their ingredients or products on animals, and they do not participate in animal testing by other countries. 

Is KimChi Chic Beauty vegan?

KimChi Chic Beauty is not considered a vegan brand. That is because they do not offer only vegan brands. However, they do have a nice selection of vegan beauty products, including their KimChi Chic Beauty Matte Setting Spray. 

Is matte setting spray for oily skin?

Matte setting spray helps to dry the skin, preventing an overabundance of sebum and helping to control the shine that seems to go hand in hand with oily skin. However, it’s important to make sure that you address oily skin through other measures as well, such as by regular cleansing with a cleanser specifically designed for oily skin. 

Who Is KimChi Chic Matte Setting Spray For?

KimChi Chic Matte Setting Spray is for anyone who loves to wear extra makeup, needs makeup to last all day long, or simply wants to make their makeup pigment appear more vibrant. It’s a great setting spray, and well worth the cost. 

However, it doesn’t tend to be the best product for people with dry skin. If you have dry skin, check out this setting spray instead! 

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