111Skin 3 Phase Anti-Blemish Booster

111Skin serum for acne
111Skin serum

111Skin 3 Phase Anti-Blemish Booster is from one of the best luxury skincare brands. 111Skin products are known for being backed by science and for being effective. This anti-blemish booster is supposed to deliver amazing results to help both prevent and treat breakouts before they take over. Is it worth the high price, though? Keep reading to find out! 

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This product is designed to be used as both a prevention and a treatment option. It can help reduce breakouts, kill bacteria, and drastically reduce inflammation for a smooth, even complexion. 

111Skin 3 Phase Anti-Blemish Booster Ingredient List

Is 111Skin made in China

Ingredient list, according to the 111Skin website: 


111Skin Anti Blemish Booster Pros Vs. Cons

111Skin Anti Blemish Booster


Salicylic Acid Helps Clean Out Pores

This hydroxy acid is found in most anti-acne products and for a good reason. It helps gently exfoliate the skin, unclog pores, and give you a smoother skin texture. 

Controls Sebum Production

Not only does this product help clean out pores, but it also helps to control the amount of oil that comes out of them. After cleansing your skin, it’ll work hard to make sure that your pores don’t get clogged with more oil immediately after. 

Helps Heal Broken Skin

This serum was formulated to include plenty of good-for-you ingredients, like willow bark and colloidal silver, to help heal broken skin. It slowly works and repairs broken skin so that you’re left with visibly smoother, even skin. However, you need to keep in mind that this only happens if you use it regularly. It won’t magically repair skin overnight, even though we wish it did. 

Works With Various Skin Types

The ingredients used in this formula work with a variety of skin types. Hydrating properties combat dry skin for intense hydration that lasts. Sebum production control helps reduce the shine that goes hand in hand with oily skin. Soothing ingredients combat inflammation and many of the problems that come with different skin types. 


If you have sensitive skin, this serum is worth a shot. It doesn’t irritate many people’s skin, even those with sensitive skin. 

111Skin Booster Serum

Combats All Stages Of Spot Growth

This serum from 111Skin works to help prevent and treat acne no matter where you’re at in the breakout stages. It helps prevent breakouts from happening. It soothes angry skin to treat an uneven skin tone during a breakout. It helps repair the skin while treating pimples. If you have blemish-prone skin, this single serum can treat everything that comes with it. 

After a breakout heals, use this 111Skin serum to address post-blemish pigmentation. Then, use it to kill blemish-causing bacteria and reduce excess oil production to prevent future breakouts. 

Can Be Used As A Spot Treatment

If you only get pimples around that time of the month, try using this effective booster as a spot treatment. The active ingredients will help prevent pimples if you notice a blemish coming through. Potent ingredients can also treat pimples after they break through the skin and rear their ugly heads. 

Helps With Hyperpigmentation

While it’s advertised as being for people who have acne, you can still enjoy quite a few benefits if you don’t have acne. If you have sensitive skin, dry skin, or an uneven skin tone, this serum can help balance your pigmentation levels. 

Easy To Implement Into Your Skincare Routine

Implementing certain products into your routine can be a pain, but you won’t have to worry about that with this 111Skin 3 Phase Anti-Blemish Booster serum. You put two drops on the back of your hand. Then, rub it into the skin in small circles. 

The serum is thin enough that it absorbs quickly into the skin. You get to keep the skin hydrated, remove dead skin, and enjoy soft, supple skin in under two minutes daily. 

The lightweight formulas that 111Skin serums are known for are one of the reasons that I love them!

Helps Reduce The Appearance Of Age Spots

While this product isn’t advertised as helping reduce the appearance of age spots, it should be. As this acne treatment gently exfoliates the skin and provides an even skin tone, it makes slight age spots appear slightly lighter. It was a nice surprise I noticed when using this. I wish I would have taken before and after pictures! 

A Little Goes A Long Way

111Skin 3 Phase Anti Blemish Booster

This serum is thin enough that you don’t need to use it a lot to significantly impact your skin. You only need a few drops to use this serum on your face. One bottle can easily last for months!


The Price

111Skin is a luxury skincare brand, and its products will cost luxury prices. This particular serum is known for costing a little over $100 per bottle. However, with how effective it is, most people with acne think it’s well worth it. 


111Skin Anti Blemish Booster Serum
It doesn’t drip out of the dropper, guaranteeing that you don’t waste any of this luxury serum!

Is 111Skin cruelty free?

111Skin claims that they do not sell their products in mainland China, so they do not have to abide by the strict policies that require animal testing. They also state that they do not test any of their ingredients or products on animals. However, they are also not certified as being cruelty-free. 

Is 111Skin vegan?

No, 111Skin is not a vegan brand. They do not advertise or claim that any of their products are vegan. However, they are transparent regarding what ingredients are used in their products. 

Why is 111Skin so expensive?

111Skin screams of luxury, from the intense amount of research that goes into every product to the luxurious ingredients, such as silver, gold, and even black diamond products. Not only are they luxurious, but 111Skin products are highly effective. 

Should You Buy It?

If you have acne-prone skin, this serum is a must-have. It will help you achieve an even skin tone, enjoy acne-free skin, and help you feel confident when you walk out the door. For more tips on dealing with acne, check out this article!

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