Colloidal Silver Skincare (6 Crazy Benefits You Didn’t Know Existed)

Colloidal silver is found commonly in skincare. It’s used in medicine, and across the world for various things. Did you know that this one ingredient can give you a tremendous amount of benefits, helping you replace some of your other tried and true products? Check out some of these jaw dropping benefits that you can get from checking out colloidal silver skincare. 

1. Colloidal Silver Skincare Encourages Skin Rejuvenation

Silver in skincare helps encourage tissue regrowth. Because of that, it’s known for having an anti-aging effect. You’ll find it in plenty of anti-aging serums and creams, even if it’s not listed as a star ingredient. 

2. Silver Combats Acne

Colloidal silver is a common remedy for acne. It’s packed with powerful antibacterial properties that kill bacteria before it can nest deep inside your pores to cause breakouts. 

The anti-inflammatory properties found in colloidal silver help soothe the skin, removing redness and healing blemishes. Most of the redness associated with acne is caused by inflammation.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Colloidal silver possesses anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it a great choice for calming down the inflammation that goes hand in hand with acne and other skin conditions. If you have any conditions that make your skin inflamed, colloidal silver is still a great option to eliminate hyperpigmentation. 

4. Anti Fungal 

Not only does colloidal silver help bacteria meet a timely death, but it can also kill unwanted fungus. Because it kills off unhealthy, and harmful, fungus and bacteria on your skin, colloidal silver creates the ideal environment for glowing skin that is free of blemishes and acne. It’s frequently used as a home remedy for common fungal conditions, such as athlete’s foot. 

5. It Doesn’t Destroy Flora

It’s common for ingredients with anti-bacterial properties to destroy everything. This includes flora, the tiny microorganisms that live deep within our skin. However, that’s not the case with colloidal silver. It destroys the things that we don’t want, such as harmful bacteria, but doesn’t kill the flora in the skin. 

6. Silver Helps Protect Your Skin From Environmental Stressors

Every time we go outside, and most of the time when we’re inside, our skin is bombarded with free radicals. That leaves quite a bit of potential for free radical damage. Colloidal silver offers so many benefits that it can help our skin deal with that. 

When our skin encounters those things in the environment, it can become stressed and inflamed. Silver helps to soothe that irritation. It kills harmful things that make it onto our skin.

Silver promotes a healthy barrier. The combined benefits of silver make it ideal for helping to prevent the negative impact of free radical damage, such as premature aging. 

In Conclusion

I first learned about the amazing benefits of colloidal silver years ago when my mother had a wound that didn’t heal. It didn’t heal for three months due to other medical conditions. A nurse used silver on it (with our permission and a promise of discretion.) It began to heal. After that, I began to learn more and more about silver, and how it has been used for thousands of years.

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