Brilliant Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know

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Going to a dermatologist is a great idea. Getting a degree in cosmetology will definitely make you a pro at makeup. On the other hand, there are some awesome hacks that are going to save you tons of money, and time, that you need to know. Make a mental note of these brilliant makeup tricks to enjoy flawless skin and beauty on the outside as well as within. 

Try Foundation First

Applying foundation with a makeup sponge before concealer isn’t always recommended, but there are a few benefits that you might discover if you switch up your make routine. 

First, foundation is going to help conceal things like redness, especially if you’re using a full coverage foundation. Then, your concealer can finish the job. This leads to the same level of coverage, but you’ll discover that you’re not cramming as much makeup into your pores. 

Second, this base makeup hack is going to help prevent caking and creasing. If you’ve already tried everything else to get rid of creasing, try this hack before tossing your favorite products. 

Exfoliate Your Pout First

If your lips look so rough it’s simply not possible to get a smooth, natural finish, exfoliate your lips first. You’ll wind up with a smooth canvas that lipstick simply glides across. This common makeup trick will guarantee that your lip color is flawless. 

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Give Blushes A Chance

When most people think of blush, they envision a person with brightly colored cheeks and clown makeup. Maybe that was what powdered blushes looked like twenty years ago, but that’s far from what it looks like today. The bright-pink blush that goes hand in hand with 80s blush has been traded out for innovative formulas, like cream blush, that make cheeky blush a great option for everyone. 

Now, blush is available in every shade of the rainbow, including light pinks that are perfect for adding definition to your face without the glittery glow of liquid highlighter. Dust a little bit of blush along your cheeks and the outside of your forehead to instantly give your face a refreshing, rosy glow. 

Gel blushes are becoming increasingly common. Gel blushes blend into the skin for a rosey glow that looks more natural. Most have a dewy finish to give you the illusion of dewy skin. 

Use A Lighter To Make Any Pencil Like A Gel Pencil

Gel pencils are known for the creamy way that they glide on, making this classic makeup hack a great option if you’re out of liquid eyeliner. Other pencils seem to be known for not being able to do that, but it doesn’t mean you have to toss them. Instead, hold the eyeliner pencil above the flame of a lighter for a few seconds. 

Tip: Do this with a brown lip liner or black eyeliner to create a custom mole! 

Try Dots Of Concealer

We all know that you can apply undereye concealer with an upside-down triangle. This look is great for giving the eyes a brighter, wider look. However, that doesn’t turn out so well with people that already have large eyes. Instead, try using small dots along the undereye area before blending. Use a precise application to cover dark circles and complement your eye shape. When blending, use upward motions. 

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Bronzer Application In The Shape Of A 3

To apply bronzer, simply start at the middle of your forehead and draw a three with your fluffy brush to highlight bone structure. Then, do the same thing on the other side of your face, and blend, blend, blend for flawless bronzer. 

Don’t Sleep On Color Correcting Concealer

Using color correcting concealer as one of your base products in your makeup routine can work wonders to hide blemishes, conceal redness and finally give you an even skin tone. This concealer can even cover your undereye circles! If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time to give it a chance. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Test Foundation On Your Neck

While foundation should look good on your face, it’s critical that the color blends seamlessly with the color of your neck. Because your arms, wrists, and neck are likely to all be different colors, test new swatches of these makeup products on your neck to determine if the color will blend well. This foundation hack will make sure that your makeup has a smooth base that blends seamlessly with the rest of your skin tone. 

Know What Brow Shape You Want

In general, you want the shape of your brows to contrast with the shape of your face. That means that if you have a square face, consider a delicately curved brow to soften facial features. Likewise, those with a round face will be able to pull off a sharper brow arch because it adds more structure to the face. 

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Prevent Mascara On Upper Lids With A Spoon

Simply hold a spoon up against your upper eyelid while applying mascara to your upper lash to make sure that you don’t get any on your upper lid. Instead, the mascara will wind up on the spoon. 

Fill In Brows With A Lighter Shade

Contrary to popular belief, the eyebrow pencil doesn’t need to be an exact match. Using brow gel pencils in a shade or two lighter can help the brow look more natural. This is especially important if you have black eyebrows. Filling them in with dark black color can make them a bit too dramatic. Instead, stick with brown. 

Use A Microfiber Towel Instead Of A Beauty Blender

If your beauty blender still needs to be cleaned, grab a clean microfiber cloth to use instead. (They sell them at almost every dollar store.) Simply wrap it around the edge of your finger, and blend as you would if you were using a beauty blender. 

Translucent Setting Powder In Between Coats Of Mascara

We all know that buildable mascara is where it’s at if you want fuller lashes, but it can clump and make lashes stick together. Instead of layering mascara on your lashes, use translucent powder on lashes between coats of mascara.

Start off with a layer of mascara. Then, dust on translucent powder with a powder brush for additional volume. Finish the dramatic lash look with another coat of mascara. 

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Reuse Your Favorite Mascara Spoolie

Sometimes, you get a mascara brush that you are simply in love with. Other times, you get a tube of mascara with an amazing formula and a horrible brush. No worries! Simply disinfect your favorite mascara brush and re-use it with your favorite formula for the perfect combination to make your lashes look luxurious. 

Easily Make Eyeshadow Into Eyeliner With Setting Spray

Need a new colored eyeliner? Simply spray some of your favorite setting spray onto an angled brush. Dip it into the eyeliner before the setting spray dries, and then apply it as you would eyeliner! Make sure to use a setting spray that doesn’t dry too quickly, though. You can also use a few drops of saline solution!  

Use White Or Nude Eyeliner To Highlight Your Brow Bone

It’s common to use concealer for this trick, but concealer isn’t the only thing that you can use! If the tube is dry, use nude or white eyeliner to line the underside of your brow. Then, blend it in for a bombshell look. 

Always Double Check Your Makeup In Natural Light

Before you head out for the day, make sure that you check your makeup in the mirror in your car! The natural light is so bright that it’ll instantly show you any spots that you missed and highlight patchy areas. This is a must if you have oily skin!

Try Hairspray If You’re Out Of Brow Gel

Out of brow gel? No problem! Grab a can of hairspray and gently spray your spoolie. Then, comb it through your brows to keep those unruly brow hairs in place all day long. 

Created A Tan With This Tinted Moisturizer Trick

A great DIY tinted moisturizer is waiting on your vanity. Simply mix one part moisturizer and one part foundation. Then, add in a few drops of your favorite liquid bronzer to create a tanned glow that will last all day!

Make Your Own Gloss With Eyeshadow

Have eyeshadow that you hate on your eyes, but would love on your lips? Simply break up the eyeshadow to form a fine powder. Then, mix it with a little bit of petroleum jelly to make a new shade of lip gloss. Make sure that you have a few empty makeup pots to keep it in! 

Apply Mascara On Just The Tips First

Before applying mascara to your entire lash, apply a single coat that is just on the tips of your lashes. Then, apply your other coats of mascara. If you have blonde tips like I do, it will help balance your lashes. Applying more coats can make it look like you have false lashes even though you don’t. If you’re ready to have the most dramatic lashes, check out Huda Beauty Legit Lashes

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing makeup, these are some of the hottest makeup tips that should be a part of your routine. 

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