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When we talk about makeup products, there are debates and debacles. The recent one has been the famous CC cream vs. BB cream debate creating an uproar among girls and women of all ages. Makeup enthusiast or not, everyone has been seeking a solid answer to end their queries. Don’t worry; all concerns and qualms are addressed in this blog today. Stay tuned and scroll till the end! Happy Reading!

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What is BB Cream?

Purlisse bb cream

BB cream, uncommonly known as blemish balm or beauty balm cream, was formulated as a 3-in-1 foundation cream. Compared to your standard tinted creams, BB cream was made to provide more benefits in simple packaging.

Its combined elements contain the secrets of flawless skin. When using a BB cream, you don’t have to wear a moisturizer, primer, and foundation separately because it contains all 3 of them! That’s saving you a lot of money!

BB cream was introduced in Korean skincare when Korean women began to demand alternatives to traditional foundations that often gave a cakey thick look- unsuitable for daily use. Its main ingredients include lavender, rosemary, and skin-loving aloe vera, which helps refresh and soothe the skin. Additional shea butter provides better nourishment to dry skin.

Benefits of BB Cream

BB cream is a beauty product that everyone should have on their vanity. The lighter coverage or medium coverage are both perfect for no makeup “makeup” days and requires almost zero effort. BB cream has a few benefits that will make you want to pick one up. 

  • Ideal for daily use
  • Its lightweight texture oozes naturalness onto the face
  • Available in various coverages, from full coverage to sheer coverage
  • Its smooth texture works like a primer
  • Moisturizing ingredients keep your skin healthy and fresh
  • Gives a clump-free and flake-free outlook
  • Renders a luminous glow
  • Most contain ingredients like Vitamin C and Glycerine, essential to hydrate, moisturize and brighten your complexion.
  • Saves money
  • Ideal for girls and women wanting a light natural look

BB Cream For All Skin Types

Tinted moisturizers are suitable for all skin types, whether dry, oily, sensitive, or acne-prone. Women of all ages with different skin types put this on, and it’s unlikely to cause breakouts or pimples. It contains moisturizer, which blends perfectly with oily skin. 

How To Use BB Cream

BB cream can be applied daily instead of regular foundation. The medium coverage BB cream provides makes it ideal for application after applying any serums or moisturizers, you can directly apply the cream to your face using your fingertips. Make sure you cleanse your face properly before this step.

Once the product settles on the skin, you can apply foundation or concealer for better coverage or wear BB cream by itself for a natural look. 

Side Effects Of BB Cream

These tinted moisturizers usually don’t have any potential harmful effects. However, there are a few downsides that you could consider before buying it.

  • BB cream doesn’t always offer sun protection. Often the sun protection is low, such as an SPF 15. At times this coverage isn’t enough, and you have to apply another SPF product on top.
  • BB cream should contain more moisturizer, which could benefit a consumer with extremely dry skin. If you have dry skin, use a hydrating moisturizer as a part of your skincare routine. 

BB Cream Duration

On average, BB cream stays on your face for 6-8 hours, depending on weather, skin type, and activities. Its silky texture prevents it from staying on the face for long durations, but you can pair it with loose powder for long-lasting touch.

Our Reccommendations

Choosing the right BB cream for your daily routine is critical to making sure that you’re in love with your look. These are some of the best BB creams that we love!

What Is CC cream?

It cosmetics bye bye under eye cc cream

CC cream is a color-correcting cream that provides full coverage and covers dark spots and blemishes on the face. It’s a lightweight moisturizing cream designed to give a flawless look to consumers. Women who wish for a natural look without giving off a cakey or flaky outlook prefer CC cream for daily usage.

It is commonly used to reduce the face’s redness, discoloration, and pigmentation and cover scars to give you a natural look. It targets problematic areas on the skin that are often overlooked when applying foundation or loose powder. CC cream helps achieve an even skin tone caused due to inflammation, sun exposure, and pollution.

Benefits Of CC Cream

CC cream is ideal for anyone that needs color correcting. It offers more coverage, and helps balance out uneven skin tone for a smooth, flawless finish. There are quite a few benefits to CC creams. 

  • Ideal skin-friendly color-correcting cream
  • Provides full facial coverage in all seasons
  • Enhances your makeup
  • Protects skin from sun damage
  • Many products come with an SPF of 50+ that protects the skin against harmful UV rays
  • Ideal for usage after laser and facial treatments
  • Keeps skin hydrated and moisturized
  • Helps prevent premature aging
  • Its ingredients help fight acne, pigmentation, and pimples.

CC Cream Is Suitable For All Skin Types

CC cream is perfect for all skin types. Experts recommend it to people with dry, oily, and sensitive skin. However, due to its matte texture, its considered ideal for people with oily and acne-prone skin. There are various products available to suit every type of skin, and skincare concern. 

Side Effects Of CC Cream

Even though CC cream is suitable for all skin types and doesn’t contain any negative impacts, it could sometimes cause reactions. Here are some of the side effects:

  • Itching due to exposure to chemicals
  • Swelling if applied inside the eye or wounded areas
  • Burning, if applied on bruises

CC Cream Duration

The average CC cream stays on the skin for 4-5 hours. But you can’t expect it to stay on your face for 12 or more hours due to its smooth texture. Its long-lasting feature depends on weather conditions, skin type, and personal activity.

If you need long-lasting coverage, opt for products that are specially formulated to last all day. Top your CC cream with a setting spray like Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray for maximum wear time. 

Our Recommendations

Finding the perfect CC Cream is critical to making sure that you get the coverage you need and the look that you want. It should provide full coverage without caking or flaking. These are some of our favorite CC creams!

What Is The Difference Between BB Cream And CC Cream?

A BB cream is ideal for a matte, dewy yet luminous outlook, whereas a CC cream offers a semi-matte and natural finish to the skin.

CC cream has a lighter texture which covers redness, dark spots, and stubborn marks on the skin. In contrast, a BB cream becomes part of your daily skincare routine as a sheer foundation providing additional skincare benefits. CC cream has abundant benefits that focus on color correction.

Both help to hydrate and prime the skin, but BB cream is responsible for giving a refreshing look. BB cream brightens your skin tone, but CC cream has anti-aging properties.

CC cream helps to even out skin tone, whereas BB cream strengthens the skin against dehydration.

BB Cream Or CC Cream: Which cream is best for my skin?

It takes work to choose the right product for your skin. With so many opinions and people influencing your decision, one feels like ditching all products. But not anymore!

Here is how to determine which cream is best for my skin. Make sure you are well aware of your skin type and desired needs. List down your skin concerns. Even though CC and BB creams are perfect for all skin types, one has to determine whether they need the latter, the former, or maybe both.

Someone with oily skin, acne-prone, and uneven skin tone should aim for a CC cream. If you need light coverage and cover blemishes, aim for a BB cream. You can use BB and CC cream together to treat discoloration, even skin tone, help it hydrate, and prime for a natural finish.

If you have dry skin, BB cream is best for you as it contains moisturizing ingredients such as ceramides, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and panthenol.


BB cream and CC cream have their benefits, which doesn’t make one less than the other. Both creams are popular among girls and women for all the right reasons. However, before buying any product, ensure you know whether it suits your skin. Don’t make decisions based on popular opinions. Your decision should be made keeping in view the fact whether it suits your needs and budget or not.

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