Can You Use Lip Gloss As Eyeshadow

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By Noor Rafi

The wet-eye look screams glamor and is all the rage right now. This fabulous beauty trend is all over Instagram feeds, fashion runways, and editorials. Now is the right time to wear a glossy lid to the next party and look super chic! In this article, we’ll tap into this beauty hack and help you figure out can you use lip gloss as eyeshadow?

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How To Know If You Can Use Lip Gloss As Eyeshadow

Many beauty gurus, makeup artists, and influencers have embraced this hack. And it can be a good idea to use lipgloss to achieve the look.

Before you whip out your favorite shimmery gloss, there are certain factors you need to consider.

Here are the most essential aspects you need to be careful about before using lip gloss as an eyeshadow.

Scented Glosses Can Contain Ingredients That Irritate The Eyes

It’s important to remember that most lip glosses have some fragrance added to them. These scents are usually suitable for the lips but may irritate your eyes.

The eyes are far more sensitive than the lips. So, you must be careful and steer clear of strongly scented lip glosses. If there is a very mild flavor, it might be okay to use the gloss on your lids.

Test a lip gloss by putting a small amount on your eyelid to determine if it will cause redness and irritation before swiping it across the entire lid. 

If you try the lip gloss on your eyes and it starts to sting, wipe it off immediately.

Double-Check The Ingredients

It’s always advised to take a good look at a product’s ingredients before applying it. This is especially true for a product initially intended for another purpose.

When it comes to lip gloss, it can contain safe ingredients on the lip area but not the eye area. This includes colorants like Red 6, Red 7, and Red 28 Lake, which is only approved for lips. For more ingredients to avoid in the eye area, check out this list of ingredients that can cause irritation. 

So don’t rush. Make sure to check the ingredient list on the packaging first. Ingredients that are unsafe for the eyes can quickly result in adverse reactions, an infection, extreme irritation, and in some cases, even blindness.

Lip Glosses Can Be Sticky

You don’t want tacky eyelids that cling to the skin and give you an icky feeling. And well, the truth is, some lip glosses are sticky.

You will get the best results from a lip gloss that is lightweight and goes on smoothly. So, the formulation and consistency of the gloss are essential.

If all lip glosses feel sticky on your lids, you should look for a pigmented, liquid eyeshadow instead.

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Drying Matte Formulas Are Likely To Be Irritating

A lip gloss formula that dries quickly and has a matte finish might not be the best idea for your eyes. This formula can feel uncomfortable and heavy on the lids. Not to mention, you’re also more likely to find creases on your eyelids within an hour.

If you want a lip gloss on the eyes, find a hydrating, balm-like formula with a glossy finish over a matte one.

Some Glosses Are Safe To Use As Eyeshadow

This does not mean you cannot use lip gloss as an eyeshadow. Several lip glosses can work well, even on the eyes.

All you need to do is double-check the ingredients in the lip gloss. One way to check the safety of the ingredients is through the FDA website.

Another way to be extra careful is doing a patch test. Simply apply the gloss on a small area and wait 5 minutes. If there is no irritation or burning, it means you can go ahead and enjoy your new ‘lid’ gloss!

Use Eye Gloss To Get The Trending Wet Look Instead Of Lip Gloss

can you use lip gloss as eyeshadow
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Of course, beauty hacks are super fun to try; some are cool and even useful. But an eye gloss is your best bet when it comes to the light-reflective look.

This is the most practical and convenient product to give you gleaming lids. The eye gloss won’t stick uncomfortably or slide off in no time. It stays put in its place and does not crease.

It is also far more pigmented yet easier to diffuse on the skin. This makes the application and finish much better.

Eye gloss is versatile and typically used as a face gloss. So, it is a multi-tasking product that instantly illuminates and gives you a dewy finish. You can use it under your brow bone, cheeks, or even your makeup for a glassy highlight.

And the best part, it is made especially for the eyes, so you’ll have no worries before applying it.

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In Conclusion

Like dewy skin, glassy lids are a beauty trend you don’t want to ignore. Try it now if you’re still running behind on the wet eyeshadow look.

In case you decide to use a lip gloss to add oomph to your lids, make sure it has the right quality, texture, and of course, ingredients. And if you’re still unsure, pick a pretty eye gloss and swipe away!

Check out the rest of the blog for more tips, tricks and brilliant beauty hacks!

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