Best Spring Eyeshadow Palettes

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Spring is in the air. It’s time for the beautiful pastel colors of baby blue and soft pinks. However, that’s not all we’re seeing this Spring! Bold eyeshadow looks are trending, glitter eyeshadow is always a great idea and bright summer colors are slowly making there way into palettes. Stay up to date on the latest looks with the best Spring eyeshadow palettes. 

We’ve included something for everyone, no matter what style you’re going with this Spring! Always been a lover of drugstore makeup brands? We understand, and we’ve got you covered! Ready to experiment with metallics? The NYX Metal Play Palette is right up your alley? Care for a more traditional Spring look with pretty pastels? Too Faced made an entire palette just for you! Keep reading to discover all of the latest and greatest palettes to keep you trending this season!

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NYX Metal Play Pressed Pigment Palette ($10)

Our Pick: Foil Play

NYX makes makeup artistry accessible to everyone, which is one reason why we love them! Their products are affordable, high quality, and guaranteed to always be in style. This brand is one of the few high-quality brands you will find at drugstore prices. 

Six metallic pressed pigments play perfectly together to create one beautiful look after another. The vivid metals are in classic colors to ensure your eyes stay center stage all season long. Pair shades together to let your inner makeup artist out, or swipe one color across your lid for a quick eyeshadow look that will make your eyes pop. Don’t forget that you can always break out your liner brush for glitter liner looks that slay all day!

Another thing we love about this palette? The colors are going to pop for more than one season! You won’t have to worry about this palette being wasted or unused!

Check it out here!

KVD Moongarden Vegan Eyeshadow Palette ($42.50)

When it comes to bold and beautiful, it’s hard to compete with products from KVD. In this palette, 12 sultry pressed pigments give you every color of the rainbow for one custom look after another. A mix of three finishes helps you glam it up for a night out, or tone it down for a day at the office. 

Not only are there plenty of colors, but they are seriously pigmented. Tired of spending hours in front of the mirror to get the pigment to show up on your lids? The Moongarden palette from KVD is for you. This versatile palette is another one that you’re not going to use for just one season, and why would you want to?

Check it out here!

Bobbi Brown Day & Light Eyeshadow Palette ($39, $119 Value)

Illuminate your eyelids with eight heavenly shadows this Spring. Soft baby pinks pair well with neutral shades for the perfect cut crease. Champagne shadow can be worn alone for a soft glam look, or paired with dark browns for mesmerizing eyes no one can resist. Bold colors might be trending, but classic shades like these never go out of style. The soft shades are the perfect way to transition your makeup from the darker Winter makeup trends to softer Spring colors. 

This palette isn’t just designed for killer eyeshadow looks, even though you’ll use it for that. Break out your liner brush or an angled brush to watch the dark colors transform into the perfect shade of eyeliner!

Check it out here!

Urban Decay Naked X Robin Eisenberg Palette ($54)

Ready to slay with bold looks all Spring? This powerful palette is what you’ve been searching for. Bold colors in deep blues, yellow and rich teals are the ideal way to take your lids from lame to luxurious. Ready to tone it down for a day? There are a few soft neutrals to help you do just that! This palette has all the shimmers and mattes you need for one bold and beautiful look after another for the entire season!

If there is one thing that Urban Decay is known for, aside from their setting spray line, it’s their gorgeous and high-quality eyeshadow palettes. The formulas are consistently killer. If you want to wear a one-shadow look, it’s not a problem. The formulas from Urban Decay are always seriously pigmented. They offer staying power you’ll fall in love with and blend like butter. 

Check it out here!

Too Faced Too Femme Ethereal Eyeshadow Palette ($39)

Too Faced nailed it with this Spring eyeshadow palette. If you want to stay trending this season, this is the palette to do it. Swipe an eyeliner brush along the mesmerizing metallics for glitter eyeliner looks that slay. Take it back to traditional with adorable pastels in all of your favorite Spring shades. Want to switch things up with a bold eyeshadow look? This palette has you covered! 

Check out all the details here!

Maybelline The Blushed Nudes ($10)

More of a drugstore makeup girl? That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck this Spring! Pick up this Maybelline palette to go back to the basics of Spring. Blushed nudes in gorgeous shades of pink are all you need to pull off one amazing look after another this Spring. Dazzling shimmers are infused with rose gold for extra sparkle. Pair them with a bold beige, or create an excellent cut crease with deep greens for a beautiful color story! These ten shades are blendable and buildable for looks that last all day long! 

Check it out here!

Blooming Up Eyeshadow Palette ($10)

Okay, this one isn’t from one of the most well-known brands in America, but hear me out. When it comes to pigment, you’re not going to be disappointed. Without primer, the shadows have serious staying power. Not only is there staying power and pigment that you’ll love, but this palette has every shade you’ll need for soft Spring looks. After that, enjoy the gorgeous oranges and yellows to create flawless sunset eyeshadow looks. The browns will help you make it through Fall too! 

Half of the shades are matte, leaving plenty of room for satin finishes and mattes to help you mix up your look as much as you want. Did I mention the pressed pigments are buildable, too? Or that it’s cruelty-free?! For the price, this one is a buy!

Check it out and read the rave reviews here!

Spring used to be known for gorgeous pastel colors of baby blue, mint green, and soft baby pink. While you’ll still find those colors as the flowers bloom, makeup trends take a different approach. You can go for pastels, but there’s nothing wrong with bold or dark colors this Spring, either. We saw at Spring Fashion Week last Fall that punk makeup looks are a trend that’s here to stay! Glitter eyeliner, glamorous eyeshadows, and makeup artistry are taking center stage. 

Now, it’s about more than just a swipe of baby blue across your lids. It’s about taking the time to express yourself truly. It’s about having fun with makeup again! Pick up new palettes, break out your brushes and start having fun with your looks!

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