Lipstick Colors For Cool Undertones

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Finding the right shade of lipstick to complement your skin tone is a great idea, but it’s essential to remember your undertones, too. People with cool undertones tend to look better in silver jewelry. You may get sunburnt more efficiently instead of instantly tanning. Another great way to verify if you have cool undertones is to look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. People with cool undertones usually have veins that appear blue or purple. Now that you know your undertones, let’s talk about lipstick colors for cool undertones.

Berry Lipsticks

Berry lipsticks remain a popular option, especially for Fall. However, paying attention to the undertone of your lip color is essential. Opt for plum or wine-colored lipsticks with cooler undertones. Mauve tones with blue or purple undertones will complement your skin and your undertones. People with lighter skin tones should opt for lighter-colored berry products to ensure the lipstick isn’t so dark it overpowers yoru skin tone.

Red Lipstick

A classic red lip always stays in style. Red lipsticks look exceptionally well on people with cool undertones. However, when selecting lipstick colors for cool undertones, it’s essential to consider the base of the lipstick. Some red lipsticks use orange as a base. Avoid any lipstick that has a warm-toned base. Instead, opt for a red lipstick that uses purple or blue as a base to ensure it looks good with your undertones.

Cool Nudes

Nude is another color that we’ll always love! However, most people with cool undertones avoid nude lipstick because most have a warm undertone, like beige or brown. If a lipstick has a warm undertone, it will be off-putting. Instead, try purchasing nude lipsticks with a gorgeous pink base. Pink looks great against this color undertone.

Icy Pink Lips

If you need help deciding what color to wear, frosty pink is always a safe bet. A cool-toned pink will instantly give your face a pop of color without going overboard. The almost neutral color pairs well with lighter skin tones and almost always looks great next to cool undertones. If you’re searching for lipstick and need help deciding what to buy, icy pink is usually a safe bet.

How To Tell Lipstick Undertones

Learning about undertones can be confusing, but once you start matching the undertones of your makeup with your skin’s undertones, you’ll realize it’s a game changer. Knowing all about lipstick colors for cool undertones is the first step. Check out the rest of the site for more need-to-know makeup and beauty information!

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