How To Know If Lipstick Is Expired

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All makeup comes with an expiration date. This includes things like liquid eyeliner, powder blush, and even lipstick. Yes, lipstick has a shelf life. In general, lipstick is good for 1-2 years. However, some lipstick will expire sooner than the one-year mark, and others will seem to last for a few years. That’s why it’s essential to learn how to know if lipstick is expired. 

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The Dangers Of Using Expired Lipstick

When you use expired lipstick, there are quite a few dangers. It may cause irritation or a burning sensation. This could develop into a rash. However, if there are bacteria in your lipstick, it can result in a nasty infection. If you’re ever doubting lipstick, throw it out to be safe. 

How To Tell If Lipstick Is Expired

Although there is an expiration date that can tell you how long lipstick will last after you open it, it can be hard to remember when you need to toss each makeup product. Can you remember when you opened all of the thirty tubes of lipstick you own? I can’t. These signs will let you know if you need to replace a tube.

It Smells Rank

This applies to both lipstick and lip gloss. It’s a great way to tell if any makeup has gone bad. As bacteria grow in your makeup, you’ll notice that it starts to smell a little off. The longer you keep it, the worse it will smell. When I moved, I found a lip gloss that was lost, and it was well beyond the expiration date of the lip gloss. It smelled horrible and rancid.

Expired Lipstick Flakes Off

Instead of a velvety smooth texture, you’ll notice that your lipstick flakes off almost immediately. It simply doesn’t stay together like the formula used to. This is a surefire sign that it’s time to toss the lipstick.

Determine If Lipstick Is Expired By Looking At The Color

When lipstick expires, it tends to fade. It has a chalky color and texture compared to its previous state. In the beginning, the color will appear lighter. As more time goes on, it will look more discolored.

Moldy Patches

Lipstick can and occasionally does, grow mold. This is especially true if it’s kept in a warm environment. Cutting the mold off will not save your lipstick. Instead, throw it in the trash and purchase a new one. 

Does Lipstick Expire If Unopened?

Most cosmetics have an open jar icon that lets you know how soon your makeup will go bad after you open it. However, what about makeup that you haven’t opened? Depending on the ingredients, this makeup will have a longer life, but it can still expire. Unopened lipstick and lip gloss will last approximately 2-4 years if you don’t open them. If you threw it in a basket and are just now opening it, watch for the signs above to determine if you need to toss it.

How To Store Lipstick To Make It Last Longer

Storing makeup in a cool, dry location is the best way to make it last as long as possible. Keep it away from heat and humidity, so do not store it in the bathroom. If you can, store it in the fridge to ensure that it doesn’t get hot enough to melt or grow mold. Having a skincare fridge to store your essentials in is a great idea and a wonderful place to keep your lipstick to extend the expiration date. 

Recommended Skincare Fridges

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Final Thoughts

Ensuring you know when your makeup expires is critical to ensuring you don’t wind up with a nasty rash or bacterial infection. You’ll also be able to shop ahead to ensure you never run out of your must-have products, including your favorite lipstick. Lipstick usually lasts 1-2 years, but it’s always important to watch for signs that it’s time to toss it in the trash. Knowing how to know if lipstick is expired will help you do just that.

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