What Color Lipstick Goes With Gold Eyeshadow

gold eyeshadow in elegant box with mirror

Shimmering gold eyeshadow is so versatile you can wear it with anything. Gold shadow complements every eye color and skin tone. When picking out your makeup for your next night on the town, knowing what color lipstick goes with gold eyeshadow is essential.

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Nude Lipstick

Nude is a versatile choice that pairs wonderfully with gold eyeshadow. Opt for this lip color if you want an understated look with a chic element. The lack of color will also help accentuate your eyes for the night.

Natural Pinks

Pink is another almost neutral option. This lip color isn’t known as neutral, but pink pairs well with nearly everything. It’s a great idea if you want more color than a nude lip but a natural appearance. Opt for a light or sheer pink for a soft, glam look.

Classic Red

Red lips are always a bold choice. When you pair red lips with gold eyeshadow, you instantly give yourself a va va voom appearance that exudes luxurious sophistication. Pick any shade of red that goes with your undertones and skin tone to nail your makeup look.

Brown Lipstick

Brown lipstick is a shade we frequently saw in the 90s, and it’s made a huge comeback. Deep shades of brown will help warm your face, making them the perfect color to complement the gold shadow. Make sure you choose a brown shade that pairs well with your skin tone.

Chic Rose Gold

Rose gold is a chic color that will always stay in style. The slight shimmer will bring the perfect amount of fun to your face. However, rose gold isn’t all about glitter and fun. It has a sleek elegance, which ensures you can wear it with almost everything.

Soft Lavender

Soft purple lipsticks create the perfect balance for your gold eyeshadow. They are a cooler color, creating the ideal contrast. Lavender is not so bright it will take over your look, ensuring everyone complements your eyeshadow all night. Opt for a slightly sheer formula instead of lavender lip paint.

Summer Coral

Coral and gold create the perfect combination for beachy summer vibes. You can choose either pinkish or orangish corals, and trust your lip color will pair well with gold eyeshadow. This combination is great for daytime looks or glamorous evenings out.

Gold eyeshadow is always amazing, but you must know what color lipstick goes with gold eyeshadow. Opt for a versatile shade like red, pink, or nude when in doubt. Check out the rest of the site for more amazing makeup tips!

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