Is It Tacky To Give Wrinkle Cream As A Gift?

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Gift-giving involves striking the perfect balance between knowing what’s appropriate and being considerate. It’s an art that takes time to master. If you haven’t got it yet, these tips will help you decide whether you can give anti-aging products like wrinkle cream as a gift.

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Consider Intent

Most of us have honest intentions when we give a present like this one. We want to help someone with something they may feel bad about or enhance their appearance. However, some people may also want to give a hint that it’s time to start an anti-aging routine. Gift-giving is not the best time to give someone a hint about their appearance.

Are They Sensitive

Recipients sensitive about their appearance probably won’t appreciate opening something like this as a gift. It can make them feel embarrassed or awkward. They may get offended. Consider whether they will understand the gift before ordering the latest anti-aging serums.

Skincare Junkies

Skincare junkies that have a multi-step routine for morning and night will adore any skincare product they open, including anti-aging products. They know it’s best to start these routines early in life before aging takes hold. However, if someone doesn’t own a skincare product or care about a routine, they may think this is a thoughtless gift.

Ask Them

An easy way to determine if someone would be offended if they open wrinkle cream as a gift is to ask them what they want or if they enjoy skincare. A person who doesn’t invest in luxury skincare for themself may mention this, and they would love to get it as a gift. However, if someone says something else, it may be best to stick with what they ask for.


Looking at your relationship, it is easy to determine if it’s tacky to give someone skincare or anti-aging products as a gift. This gift is best reserved for someone you’re close to, like a best friend, sister, or mother. They’ll know you have good intentions and appreciate the product and the thought. Avoid this gift for more distant relationships like the ones most people have with estranged in-laws.

Knowing a person’s skin type is essential to buy them any skincare products as a gift. If you don’t know their skin type, consider a gorgeous spa gift basket instead. Subscribe to the blog for more tips and tricks!

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