What Color Eyeshadow Should I Wear

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Your eyeshadow can make or break your makeup look. On one hand, it can easily create the glam look you want to turn heads. Conversely, it can make people cringe when they look at your color combinations. Use these tips and tricks to look fabulous when leaving the house.

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Consider Eye Color

Looking in the mirror is an easy way to help determine what color eyeshadow you should wear. You can match your shadow to your eye color. Warm tones like peach and terracotta create the perfect contrast for blue eyes. Green eyes instantly become mesmerizing with jeweled tones like royal purple and emerald green. Earthy tones work wonderfully with both green and brown eyes.

Remember the Occasion

Your eye makeup should always match the occasion. You don’t want to wear metallic eyeshadow and a glamorous look to an office that calls for professional mattes. However, this look is an excellent idea for anyone headed to a party for the night. Tone things down for professional and conservative events. Have fun experimenting with new looks the rest of the time.

Play With Trends

Trends are always a fun way to try out new shades and looks. Check out your social media platforms and beauty news to stay updated on the hottest trends and latest products. Search for celebrity looks for inspiration. However, keeping your eye color and skin tone in mind when having fun with the latest beauty trends is essential.

Consider Your Outfit

Your outfit may be all the inspiration you need to decide what color eyeshadow should I wear. Match your eyeshadow to your outfit to create a harmonious appeal. Break out the color wheel and use contrasting colors on opposite sides to create the perfect eye-catching contrast. You can also go outside the box and use different shades of the colors you’re wearing.

Your Personal Style

It would be best to keep your style in mind when picking out eyeshadow looks. People who aren’t fans of bold, dramatic looks might not want bright or neon colors. Instead, go with something that makes you feel comfortable and confident when you look in the mirror. Everyone around you will pick up on this confidence.

Figuring out what eyeshadow should I wear doesn’t have to be challenging. Use these tips and tricks to make sure you always look amazing. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the site for more fantastic information.

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