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How To Strengthen Nails

It’s important that you know how to strengthen nails to have long, healthy nails. When you have long, strong nails they simply look better. They’re more affordable than fake nails, and you don’t have to worry that you’ll damage your nail beds by resorting to fake nails. Not all of us are blessed with long nails, though. In fact, none of us are. 

I had long nails for quite a while. Then, thanks to a vitamin deficiency, they started peeling. There are still portions that are barely there, but they’ve grown out for the most part now. If you want naturally long nails, these 17 tips will help you get there. 

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How To Strengthen Nails

Not only do you want to be able to grow your nails out, but you also don’t want them to break as soon as they get to a certain length. When your nails are stronger, they won’t crack either. Instead, they will look amazing. A quick coat of shellac polish is all it’s going to take for a manicure that lasts a week. 

Avoid acrylic nails if possible

Over time, fake nails can weaken otherwise healthy nails. It can take months to restore your nails back to their original state. If your nails are already brittle, it will make the situation much worse. 

Say no to glue on nails

When you have to soak your nails to remove the glue, it can weaken your natural nails. If you had healthy nails prior to using glue-on nails, you might discover that they are weak and brittle afterward. 

Use cuticle oil every day for healthy nails

Cuticle oil is specially formulated to provide all of the nutrients that your nail beds need to grow naturally long nails. However, you’ll also need to rub it along your nails. Dehydrated nails chip and break easily, and cuticle oil will prevent that. 

If you are in contact with anything that can make your nails weaker, such as hand sanitizer or water from washing your hands frequently, consider using it 2-3 times a day to strengthen your nails. 

Wear gloves when you do the dishes

Water can make nails thinner, and more likely to break. This is because the minerals found in water can slowly break down your nail over time. To avoid this, invest in a pair of rubber gloves for when you do the dishes. 

Strengthen nails with biotin

Biotin is frequently praised for helping people have naturally long nails and hair. It’s one of the most popular hair and nail vitamins on the market. That’s because biotin helps stimulate the production of keratin, which is necessary for healthy nails. 

You can get your daily dose of biotin by taking hair and nail vitamins. Keep in mind that hair and nail vitamins are considered supplements, and often are not regulated by the FDA. 

Another great way to increase your biotin intake is to get it through your diet. Foods like eggs, organ meat, fish, seeds, avocados, and sweet potatoes. 

Keep them short

Naturally long nails are beautiful, but it can take some time to achieve that. If you have brittle or weak nails, keep your nails short until they are stronger. Instead of focusing on length, you want to focus on strength to make sure that they don’t break as easily. For the time being, keep them trimmed short. 

Stay hydrated for naturally long nails

Your nails grow from the vitamins, minerals, and water that you put into your body. It’s safe to say that if you are dehydrated, your nails are dehydrated. This can make your nails brittle or may lead to your nails curling as they grow longer. 

Use a nail strengthener to strengthen nails

Natural methods are always a better idea, but there’s nothing wrong with needing a little bit of extra help. When you pick a nail strengthener, make sure that you double check the ingredient list. Avoid products that have formaldehyde in them. 

Help nails become healthy by protecting them from UV rays

The sun can cause a drastic amount of damage to your nails. Harmful UV rays can make nails brittle, yellow and result in them breaking easily. When choosing nail polish, select one that can absorb the UV rays or one that is dark enough they won’t make it through the polish to your nails. 

It should be noted that there are warnings regarding the UV lamps that are used to dry gel polish too. The risk is minimal, but it’s something you need to watch out for if you’re on a mission to get stronger nails. 

Up your folic acid intake

When it comes to hair and nail vitamins, they all usually include folic acid. This is because it helps promote healthy tissue growth, including your hair and nails. Weak, brittle nails can be a sign of a deficiency. It makes sense that you need to be healthy in order to have healthy nails. 

Don’t use 100% acetone

I was guilty of this being my go-to nail polish remover for quite a while. It simply dissolves nail polish so easily! That’s because it’s a strong chemical, though. It can also cause a significant amount of damage to your nails, making them brittle. 

To strengthen nails, use a nail polish remover that is less harsh, and has vitamins that are good for your nails, like vitamin E. 

Get healthy nails with a diverse diet

While there are specific vitamins that will help you have healthy nails, your best bet is to eat a diverse diet. Make sure that you include plenty of colors in your diet, from dark green spinach salads to yellow pineapple to orange sweet potatoes. A diverse diet is key in keeping your body, including your nails, healthy. 

Take a multivitamin to strengthen nails

Sometimes, it’s not possible to get all of your nutrition from your diet. I was really sick before finding out I had a gluten intolerance, and my nails started to peel. This has never happened before. I started taking a multi-vitamin while I get my diet back in shape and it’s worked wonders. There is no more peeling. 

Don’t use your nails to do things

My thumbnails are unbelievably strong. I have a horrible habit of using them to open things, such as a bottle of salad dressing. I simply run my thumbnail around the little ring and it cuts through the paper like a knife. When my nails were at their worst, doing this instantly made them break. You want to avoid things that will break your nails if you’re trying to grow naturally long, healthy nails. 

Your nails need lotion too

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When you put on hand cream, don’t forget to rub some on your nails too. They need extra moisture. If your hands are dry, your nails may be drying out too. 

Give your nails a break

A manicure instantly gives you a polished look that you simply don’t get with nude nails. However, you need to let your nails breathe. Constant use of polish is very bad for them. Instead, get a new coat of polish every other week versus every week. 

Develop a nail care routine

The best way to keep grow nails that are healthy nails is to maintain consistency. Putting on cuticle oil one day will only help your nails that one day. However, if you do this consistently you’ll find that your nails are healthier. Develop a nail care routine that works for you just like you would a skincare routine. 

In Conclusion

Having naturally long nails is something that a lot of people are envious of, but it’s not a natural gift from the heavens. There have been times that I’ve had to strengthen my nails. Other times they’ve peeled or curled. It’s taken a lot of effort and being healthy to grow nails that are both long and strong. Check out this article for more info on how to have healthy, strong nails! 

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