Is Concealer Supposed To Be Lighter Or Darker?

Is concealer supposed to be lighter or darker? Standard under eye concealer should be 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation. If you’re using an all-over concealer, it should be the same shade as your foundation. To cover pimples and other dark spots, consider using a product that is 1-2 shades darker than foundation. 

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Why You Shouldn’t Go Lighter Than 1-2 Shades

If you pick an under eye concealer that is significantly lighter than your foundation, it creates an ominous glow wherever it is applied. While this might sound like a great thing, it’s too much of a glow. Instead, you want the glow to be soft and help brighten your eyes when your concealer is applied. 

All Over Concealer

An all over concealer should always match your foundation. A slight shade difference is noticeable, even with blending. This works out well for key areas, such as under the eyes. However, it doesn’t look as well when you apply concealer all over your face. If you’re going for an ominous glow on your face, consider strobe cream instead. 

Is Concealer Supposed To Be Lighter Or Darker To Cover Pimples?


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Covering pimples and dark spots might require a different approach. If your age spots show through your standard face makeup, you obviously need something a touch darker. 

When using concealer for pimples, this is especially important. In the makeup world, darker colors give the illusion of pushing something back. Lighter colors give the illusion of bringing something forward. Our eyes tend to be drawn to the spots on the face with lighter hues. This is why you should never use a lighter concealer to cover a pimple. Instead, help give your face a more even appearance by using a concealer that is two shades darker than your foundation. If this is too dark, opt for a product that is one shade darker. 

Final Thoughts

Matching concealer can be tough. If you’re still wondering is concealer supposed to be lighter or darker, consider looking at your foundation. Most websites like can match the shades for you. You can also head to a Sephora or Ulta to have a cosmetologist help you find the perfect shade for your foundation. To learn more about face makeup, check out this article! 

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