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Pixi Clarity Lotion Review

Pixi Clarity Lotion is a wonderful moisturizer that is supposed to be for all skin types. Not only that, it’s supposed to reduce the appearance of your pores, which is always a great thing. 

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How Much Does Pixi Clarity Lotion Cost?

At Ulta, you’re going to spend almost $25 on this lotion. Other places have it for a dollar or so cheaper, but the cost remains consistent wherever you go. 

Pixi Clarity Lotion Ingredients

There are quite a few ingredients in this facial moisturizer that are great for your skin. The time released ingredients make sure that your skin stays hydrated and free from excess oil all day long. Ingredients like kaolin clay absorb the excess oil instead of letting it ruin your makeup. There are also plenty of ingredients that are great for your skin, like aloe vera. 

pixi lotion ingredients

How To Apply Pixi Clarity Lotion

Keep in mind that this product is like a thin jelly. It takes a tiny bit of time to absorb, and you only want to use a small dot of the product when applying. Too much will make your face sticky. 

To apply Pixi Clarity Lotion, you use the same technique that you would for any other moisturizer. Simply massage it into your skin in slow, gentle circles. Then, allow for time to dry. 

It’s important to note that this facial moisturizer does not mattify the skin as a primer does. It will still work wonderfully with a liquid foundation, but you need to use something else before applying a powder foundation, such as a facial primer. 

Pros Vs. Cons


Glowing Skin

When used daily, this moisturizer truly helps you have glowing, radiant skin. You can see minimal effects when first using it. The longer you use it, the more it seems to help your skin. 

Great For All Skin Types

There are quite a few products that claim this and fall short, but Pixi Clarity Lotion is not one of them. It can help soak up oil on your T-zone while giving a healthy dose of moisture to the dry patches on your face. It’s the perfect moisturizer for combination skin. 

This lotion is really good if you have oily, acne prone skin. You’ll experience fewer breakouts, and you won’t have a mid-afternoon shine. Instead, you can finally enjoy smooth, radiant skin without all of the breakouts. 

Helps Reduce Blemishes

After using this every night in my night time skincare routine, I’ve found that my skin isn’t as red as it used to be. Normally, I’ve tried lotions, creams, skin lightening serums, etc. I have an amazing skincare routine for morning and night that is on point. This lotion reduced redness better than all of that. 

It’s Widely Available

You can Pixi in a variety of places. Yes, it’s at your most common makeup and beauty stores like Ulta. However, you can also find it in the aisle at Target. It’s a pretty common skincare line, so you don’t have to head out of town to buy it or order it online. 


Not The Best At Minimizing Pores

Although this product claims that it helps minimize the appearance of pores, I did not see a significant difference in my pores when only using this product. To make sure that it wasn’t just me, I searched for other reviews. Another review on Pixi Clarity Lotion said the same thing. Then, there were a few more after that. 

Instead, I use this as a moisturizer. To minimize your pores, I recommend Dr. Brandt Pores No More Luminizing Primer. It works wonderfully!

Can Leave Your Skin Sticky

Sometimes, even if you’re using a tiny dot of product, you’re going to discover that your skin is sticky. 

When it comes to this problem, always remember that less is more. You do not need to use a lot of this moisturizer to get the amazing results that you want. 

If you still find that your face is a tiny bit sticky, consider using it as a nighttime moisturizer for silky smooth skin in the morning, and none of the hassle. It’s better than wasting $25 on a moisturizer that just isn’t right for you. 

It’s Not Mattifying

The box claims that it’s mattifying, but I’m going to have to disagree. Even after the product is properly absorbed and dry, it’s still not mattifying. You simply cannot apply powder foundation on top of it. If you do, it’s not going to look good. Instead, you need to use a very small amount of this, let it absorb, and then use a mattifying facial primer. (You don’t always have to do that when a lotion is truly mattifying.) 

pixi clarity


Is Pixi cruelty free?

Yes, Pixi is considered cruelty free. They do not test on animals, and neither do their suppliers. Although Pixi does sell in China, they do not sell their products in stores because that requires mandatory testing on animals. 

Is Pixi By Petra Vegan?

Pixi by Petra is not known for being all vegan, but they do have a lot of vegan options for those that are searching for vegan makeup. You can find a complete list of their vegan products on this website. 

Does Pixi sell in China?

Yes, Pixi does sell in China but only online. If Chinese consumers would like to find Pixi products in-store, they are out of luck. This is because selling them in a physical store would require animal testing, and Pixi is a cruelty free brand. 

Is Pixi a drugstore brand?

You can find Pixi in high end stores like Ulta as well as drugstores and even Target. Because it’s found in so many stores, most people consider it a drugstore brand. However, Pixi is a little more expensive than other drugstore skincare brands. 

In Conclusion

If you have oily or acne prone skin, Pixi Clarity Lotion is definitely worth considering. However, you need to remember to only use a tiny bit and apply it at night if it’s still a bit sticky. You’ll still get to enjoy clear skin and won’t have a problem applying your foundation. If this lotion isn’t the moisturizer for you, check out this one! 

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