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Is Face Primer Necessary?

As you learn more about makeup, you’re bound to wonder whether face primer is really necessary. It seems like an unnecessary step after putting all of your skincare products on your face, especially moisturizers. However, face primer is a must if you plan on wearing a full face of makeup. 

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What Is Makeup Primer?

Makeup primer is a product that is designed to prime your face so that it is ideal for makeup application. Your face is naturally bumpy. Everyone’s face is. You might not have an even skin tone, or you make have small microscopic imperfections like everyone else. No one has a completely smooth face when you look really close. 

That’s where face primer comes in. Primer for your face will help to smooth out any imperfections. It will give you the perfect canvas to create the look that you want. 

Benefits Of Using Makeup Primer

Not only will this give you a smooth canvas to work with, but you’ll also notice quite a few benefits to wearing makeup primer. Most face primers give you so many benefits that you’ll wonder how you functioned without them!

Face Primer Helps Your Makeup Last Longer

Face primer combined with setting spray is the perfect formula for makeup that lasts all day. This is because it grips your makeup, keeping it in place longer than just your skin can. 

SPF Included

A lot of face primer products have other ingredients included. One common ingredient that you’ll see is SPF. Your sun needs protection from the sun in order to prevent skin damage and fight the signs of premature aging. A primer for face makeup almost always has extra ingredients to maximize the benefits that you get. 

Makeup Primer Helps Manage Skin Conditions

If you have oily or dry skin, using the right makeup primer can help you control your skin condition. There are super hydrating face primers like HydraVeil from Illamasqua that are known for helping dry skin. Likewise, there are other primers that can control excessive amounts of oil, eliminating that annoying sheen you get in the middle of the day. 

Less Sweating

Face primers are known for decreasing sweating through your pores. It’s because you push primer down into your pores, effectively preventing sweat from reaching the surface. While this isn’t good for your skin, it does help your makeup last longer. 

Your Makeup Looks Better

Cover FX

When you wear makeup primer, it creates a smooth texture over your pres. The end result is that your makeup simply glides over your skin for a velvety look that you simply can’t accomplish without primer. 

Skincare Benefits Of Using Primer

When you use primer for face makeup, it gives you some awesome skincare benefits. Face primer can have moisturizing properties. Then, it seals the skin to lock in moisture and keep your skin from drying out. Likewise, it prevents oil from covering your face which can help minimize breakouts. 

Is Face Primer Before Applying Makeup Necessary?

No, it’s not. If you don’t want to use it to address skincare concerns or other concerns, like large pores, and your makeup stays all day you might not need primer. Wearing primer can give you an airbrushed look, but makeup can still look fabulous without primer. 

Does Oily Skin Need Primer?

Oily skin doesn’t necessarily need primer any more than dry skin does. When deciding if you need a primer, look at what you want the primer to do. If you have excess oil that messes up your makeup, a primer for oily skin could benefit you. However, if you have oily skin but it’s not oily enough to mess up your makeup, you might not need a primer. 

Test this one out at home to determine if a primer is right for you. Pick up a trial size of a primer for oily skin. Then, wear makeup one day without it. See what happens. The next day, try wearing makeup with primer. This test can tell you whether you need a primer or not. 

If you don’t have the patience for that, consider not wearing makeup for a day. Halfway through the day, pat your face with a tissue. The more oil there is on the tissue, the more you need to control the excess oil production so it doesn’t interfere with your look. 

In Conclusion

Face primer is magical for most of us. I love a primer that can minimize the appearance of my pores. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s necessary for everyone. If you don’t need to address specific concerns, such as your makeup fading as the day goes on, you might be fine without primer for your face. To learn more about primer, read this complete guide on primers. 

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