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Primer is a makeup must-have for anyone. If you have dry skin, finding the best hydrating primers is a task that has been on your to-do list for months. Primers have the power to make or break your makeup. A solid moisturizing primer can quickly help your makeup last all day long. It guarantees that your foundation, highlighter, blush, etc., stays exactly where you put it before you walk out the door. 

On the other hand, picking up the wrong primer can easily watch your makeup look like a child did it by midday. If you have dry skin and aren’t wearing one of the best hydrating primers, you can rest assured that your look will suffer. As the skin on dry patches of your face flakes away, your makeup will flake with it. Dry skin also tries to soak up everything that it can in order to stay hydrated, including your makeup. This results in a patchy look that no one is going to love. 

Dry skin is also known for having a rough texture. A quick slide of your finger down your face will instantly tell you if this will be a problem for you. If it is, a hydrating primer is a must. The extra moisturizing ingredients in hydrating primers help give your skin the hydration it needs to plump back out. Then, they give you a smooth texture to guarantee that you can flawlessly apply your makeup. If you don’t use a primer designed for hydration, you’ll discover that your makeup looks bumpy. It also won’t apply evenly, leaving you with a patchy look that is less than picture-perfect. 

As anyone can tell, this can easily be solved by picking the proper primer. Hydrating primers contain specific ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, that are designed to increase the moisture content of your face. Then, they create a protective layer to keep moisture locked in. This same layer is what creates the smooth base for your makeup application. 

However, not all hydrating primers are the same. Just like with other primers, you can find a variety of finishes, such as a dewy finish or a matte finish. A dewy finish works well for most people with dry skin. However, if you have dry and oily skin, a matte finish is your best bet. 

You’ll also find a variety of prices. Your favorite drugstore brands offer hydrating face primers for $10, while higher-end brands charge slightly more. 

Sorting through all of the primers on the market and reading reviews can be a pain, but that’s why we’ve done the hard work for you! These moisturizing primers are all great for dry skin. They’re the best of the best. They won’t leave your skin feeling greasy, either!

We’ve included something for everyone, too! Whether you want a dewy or matte finish, it doesn’t matter what your budget is; we’ve got you covered with these primers designed to hydrate your skin while keeping your makeup gorgeous. 

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The POREfessional Hydrating Primer by Benefit Cosmetics ($32)

Porefessional Hydrating Primer is designed to give you all of the benefits of the rest of the POREfessional line, such as minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, with the healthy dose of hydration that your skin needs. You’ll notice a difference in the appearance of your pores immediately after application. 

Not only will your face look better, but it will also feel better. Your skin will feel velvety smooth after application as this hydrating primer creates the perfect canvas for makeup application. 

I’ve personally used this primer, and don’t have a lot of bad things to say about it. It doesn’t leave your skin greasy, and absorbs quickly into the skin. A tiny pea sized amount is all that you’re going to need for your entire face. You’ll be amazed by how long a miniature bottle lasts you!

Wear it by itself to combat dry winter skin or underneath your face makeup. Either way, this moisturizing face primer won’t leave you disappointed!

Did I mention you can pick up a mini size for $13?

Check it out here!

Laura Geller Spackle Skin Perfecting Primer ($36)

This spackle primer is the original spackle primer and is still one of the best. It’s specially formulated for mature skin, but you don’t have to fall into the “mature” category to enjoy this moisturizing primer’s massive hydration! 

Products designed for mature skin work extra hard to give you an even skin texture and intense hydration, making this perfect for you if you have rough or dry skin. Its intense hydration properties make it the perfect multi-use product. Use it as both a moisturizer and a primer!

After giving your skin the intense hydration it needs and providing a smooth canvas for makeup application, it works hard to lock your makeup in place for long-lasting makeup looks you won’t be able to get enough of!

Check it out here!

Too Faced Hangover Hydrating Primer ($37)

Too Faced is a cult-classic brand everyone loves, and there’s a good reason for that! Their iconic makeup products keep improving, just like their primers. 

This hydrating primer is designed to hydrate dry skin like you never knew was possible. It’s specially formulated with coconut oil for a dose of moisture that you can feel. After key ingredients pack in the hydration, it forms a protective layer to keep it locked in. 

Not only is this primer hydrating, but it’s also a great primer. A little goes a long way and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Wear it under makeup for looks that last or by itself for a dewy, natural look. 

Check it out here!

Lancome Smoothing & Hydrating Solid Primer ($46)

Hydrating primers are often known for their dewy finish, but if you have oily skin, you already know that a dewy finish is your worst nightmare. That’s where hydrating primers in a matte finish, like this one, truly shine. 

First, use the spatula included to scoop out a tiny bit of primer. Massage it into the skin with your fingers, and then watch the magic happen. It instantly transforms the texture of your skin to give you the smooth finish you need for flawless makeup application. The matte finish is flawless. On top of that, it feels so lightweight on your skin that you can’t tell you’re wearing it!

Check it out here!

Clarins SOS Primer ($40)

Clarins SOS primer is designed with your skin in mind. Key ingredients like organic sea lily extract pack a powerful punch to keep your skin hydrated all day long. It also helps reduce dark spots, gives you a smooth canvas for makeup application, and helps protect the skin from environmental aggressors. 

The oil-free, lightweight formula is available in five types of primer to address the most common skin concerns. These are: 

  • Universal Light to give you a radiant shine
  • Rose reduces the signs of fatigue and makes you appear refreshed
  • Peach helps blur imperfections for a filter-like appearance
  • Coral works hard to reduce the appearance of dark spots
  • Green primer neutralizes red tones for an even complexion
  • Lavender helps make skin visibly brighter

This primer can be worn however you would like! Wear it solo to enjoy the additional benefits or boost hydration. A layer of Clarins primer is perfect for priming the skin before makeup application. You can also mix it with your foundation to enjoy the color-correcting benefits without using it as a primer. 

Check it out here!

BareMinerals Good Hydrations Silky Face Primer ($27)

This oil-free primer is one of the best moisturizing primers on the market. It delivers a fantastic dose of hydration to soothe dry, flaky skin. The luxurious formula makes your skin feel as soft as silk. At the same time, advanced technology minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores for a blurring effect that eliminates the need for filters. One try and you’ll be hooked on this hydrating primer!

Check it out here!

MILK Makeup HydroGrip Primer ($18)

Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3, and hemp seed extract pack plenty of hydration into this gripping primer. It dries to a naturally dewy finish, making it perfect to soothe dry skin on those no-makeup days. 

That’s not the only way that you can wear it, though! This moisturizing primer also has gripping technology that clings to particles in foundation to help your makeup last all day!

Check it out here!

Milani Skin Quench Hydrating Primer ($10)

Regarding drugstore brands, Milani is one of the best of the best. Their eyeliners were some of the first I used, so this brand has a bit of sentimental value. However, I’ve continued to love this brand not because of sentimental things but because of the quality. Milani doesn’t usually disappoint, and this primer is not an exception. 

It starts soothing your dry skin as soon you apply it with hyaluronic acid and coconut water. Then, this moisturizing primer blurs imperfections, minimizes the appearance of pores, and provides a smooth texture. 

Milani Skin Quench Hydrating Primer looks like a lotion and feels like a lotion, but it feels so lightweight on the skin you won’t be able to tell that you’re wearing it. A little goes a long way, ensuring you get more bang for your buck. 

Check it out here!

L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Radiance Booster Hydrating Primer ($13)

This multi-tasking product has everything that dry skin needs, making it one of the best primers for dry skin. Nourishing oils help hydrate skin for a difference that you can see. It adds a touch of radiance, making it perfect for dull, lackluster skin, which goes hand in hand with dry skin. 

You can also dab a few drops along your cheeks for extra radiance instead of breaking out the liquid highlighter. 

The unique formula works hard to even out your skin texture, creating a smooth base for fantastic makeup application. 

You can wear this primer alone for smooth, silky-soft skin. Wear it as a highlighter for that extra dewy look. Or, you can mix it with your foundation for a subtle touch of radiance. 

Check it out here!

In Conclusion

Once you find the perfect hydrating primer, you’ll know. Your moisturized skin won’t look dull and lifeless anymore. The burning sensation of dry skin that has become normal will slowly fade away. More than anything, your skin will simply feel better. 

However, finding the ideal moisturizing primer is only one step in fighting dry skin. Skincare should be your first step. Make sure that you use a cleanser specifically designed for your skin type. A moisturizer, such as 111Skin Cryo Activating Hydra Gel, is another critical step in your skincare routine that you don’t need to skip. 

Try one skincare product at a time to develop the perfect skincare routine to combat dry skin. You can also work with a dermatologist to address your specific skincare needs. Then, make sure you use hydrating makeup products, like one of these moisturizing face primers. 

Check the rest of the blog for more amazing tips, tricks, and honest product reviews!

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