How To Take Off Waterproof Eyeliner Without Makeup Remover

If you’re wondering how to remove waterproof eyeliner without makeup remover, you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes, your makeup remover doesn’t work. Or you have to scrub so hard that it hurts your eye. Other times, you’re simply out of makeup remover. Whatever the case, this is how to take off waterproof eyeliner without makeup remover. 

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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has so many benefits in skincare and beauty that I’ve always got a jar of raw, organic coconut oil. That makes it my go to option for taking off waterproof eyeliner. Simply rub a little bit across your eye with your finger. Then, wipe it off. The eyeliner will come off with coconut oil. 

Baby Oil

I think that coconut oil is amazing, but I understand we all don’t have a jar sitting in the pantry at all times. Other oils will work well, too. Baby oil is common because it’s gentle on the skin and works amazingly well. You use the same process that you would with coconut oil to remove waterproof eyeliner. 


We all know that you can use Vaseline as a brow gel and many other things, but did you know that it also works well at removing waterproof makeup? Simply swipe a tiny bit of petroleum jelly or Vaseline across your eyelid. Be careful not to get it in your eyes. Then, wait for five minutes. After that, wipe it away with either a cotton ball or washcloth that is damp with warm water. 

Olive Oil

Olive oil works just like baby oil and coconut oil do. Wipe a tiny bit across your eyelid with either your finger or a cotton ball. Then, wipe it back off. Some people let it sit for a few minutes, but you don’t have to. For more awesome eyeliner tips, check out this eyeliner for beginners article. 

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