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Mascara Tips For Beginners

Mascara tips for beginners are going to teach you how to apply mascara with ease. You’ll be able to achieve the perfect look and won’t have to worry about your mascara clumping as it dries. 

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Makeup Removal Is Critial

We’ve all had bad days or accidentally fallen asleep with a little trace of makeup still on. However, trying to apply mascara over old mascara is a recipe for disaster. Give your face a quick wipe down with a makeup remover wipe to double check, and add that as a step in your nightly skincare routine. 

Learn About Makeup Expiration Dates

If you aren’t hip to makeup expiration dates yet, there’s a chance that your mascara could be expired. You’re supposed to replace it every three months. After so long, the ingredients start to break down which can lead to it not working as well and major clumping. 

Curl Your Lashes First

If you don’t want to use an eyelash curler, use a small brow brush to brush your eyelashes upwards. When your lashes are already in that position, it makes application easier. 

Wiggle The Spoolie During Application

Instead of simply sliding the wand in an upwards motion, you want to gently wiggle it back and forth as you apply the mascara. This helps coat the eyelashes and prevents clumping. 

Don’t Apply Too Much Product

If you apply too much mascara it can flake throughout the day. Instead, you want to apply a maximum of two coats. Do not dip the spoolie back in the tube for each stroke. This is especially important when applying mascara to the bottom eyelashes. 

Use An Eyelash Comb To Separate Your Eyelashes

Sometimes, your lashes are going to stick together. This is particularly true if you have thick laches. Avoid spider lashes by running a comb designed for eyelashes through them. This can also remove extra mascara to prevent clumping. 

Don’t Blink Immediately After Application

It’s hard not to blink but resist the urge. If you blink before your mascara dries, it will transfer onto the skin underneath your eyes. Instead, keep your eye open while you count to five or ten. Check out this article to discover whether it’s okay to share your mascara. 

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