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Is Murad Worth The Money

Murad is a well-known brand throughout the world of skincare. Their products are used by celebrities, which makes sense as a celebrity dermatologist designed this skincare lineBut is Murad worth the money or is it a waste of money? Read on to find out.

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Murad products can also be a bit pricey. An Essential C Day Moisture bottle for your face will cost you $65. Exfoliating cleanser can run you a little over $40. When it comes to luxury skincare, the price isn’t bad. However, if you’re trying to budget shop, you’re bound to wonder if Murad is worth the money. 

Is Murad Worth The Money?

If you need a product that works and want results, it’s worth the money. Murad skincare is exceptional! For example, I own the C Day Moisture. It’s a great product! It smells heavenly. I’m using it this winter because I get severely dry skin around the edge of my face. It looks like I’m simply bad at applying foundation because there is a red line of skin all the way down my jawline. So far, using this moisturizer every day has eliminated that. 

What Is Murad Skin Care

Murad skin care is a brand of skin care products developed by Dr. Murad. Dr. Murad raised the bar on skincare products when he developed this line in 1989. He spent a significant amount of time studying and testing a principle known as The Cellular Water Principle to guarantee that his skincare line, and possibly others, can help people hydrate their skin at a deeper level. 

Dr. Murad committed a significant portion of his life to study, implementing, and encouraging healthcare and skincare backed by science. Some websites deem him “The Father of Wellness.” He continues to study the effects of cultural stress on people’s overall wellness, including their skin. 

Does Murad Test On Animals

Murad is genuinely cruelty-free. They do not test their products on animals. Murad has also stated that their suppliers and third parties do not test on animals. Murad products are not sold in countries that require testing on animals. 

Is Murad Vegan

Murad is not considered a vegan line because some products contain animal byproducts. However, they do offer several vegan options.

The Murad website does allow you to filter products with a “formulated without” tool to quickly find ones that are vegan-friendly. 

Are Murad Products Gluten Free

Not all Murad products are gluten-free, but a lot of them are. Currently, over sixty products do not contain gluten, which is the majority of their line of products. This includes their Essential C Day Moisturizer.

Recommended Murad Products

4-Pc. The Derm Report On Fighting Wrinkles & Dullness Set ($42)

A 4-piece skincare set that is specially designed to give you products that brighten your skin, help correct uneven skin tone and fight wrinkles all at the same time. It’s an amazing skincare regime in a convenient box. The trial-sized products are more affordable than full-size versions, so you can try them out to decide if you like them first. You’ll get: 

  • Essential C Cleanser
  • Vita-C Glycolic Serum
  • Retinol Youth Renewal Serum
  • Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream

Small studies revealed brighter skin that felt smooth and soft as well as more hydrated!

Check it out here!

Other Murad Gift Sets (Price Varies)

We love the brightening and anti-aging gift set, but that’s not the only one available. Murad offers several to let you try out trial-size products to determine which ones are your must-haves! Other sets include: 

All of these little sets offer 3-4 trial sized products that are specially picked to address your skincare concerns. Give them a shot today to decide for yourself if Murad is worth the money!

Final Thoughts

Is Murad worth the money? In my opinion, yes. Products are specially formulated with effective ingredients to deliver results. I love that there are products to target specific skincare needs, and it’s always nice when you can pick up a travel-size version to make sure you love it before you buy a full-size version. Check out the rest of the blog for more need-to-know info on Murad and your other favorite beauty brands!

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